Molecular Gastronomy – Quick & Easy Bechamel

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Joe Matthews says:

Do all of the packets used in your videos (in this one and in others), contain one gram of whatever it is?

stealthy doughnut says:

I have always liked the idea of cooking great food but i always enjoyed science a lot too. Recently i found molecular gastronomy and it is so intriguing is there any way i can take classes or learn more about how it works and how i can make my own foods and such?

Michael Holmes says:

How can you just toss xanthum gum in there? Doesn’t it clump?

Culinary GOAT says:

can you molecularly change any food product or does this only work with certain ingredients?

Fransoa Brisson says:

30ml of butter in french … and 1tbls of butter in english … somethings wrong nah ? Correct me if i’m wrong, but what i’ve learn from school is that a table spoon contain 15ml !?

Bling Bling Siblings says:

please post more videos

Bling Bling Siblings says:

Do you know any universities that offer molecular gastronomy in their syllabus. I have an ardent desire to become molecular gastronomist in the future. I am inspired by Heston Blumenthal.

Little Koala says:

Still waiting for more content. Love this stuff.

dari dari says:

were i can buy those

Adriana Morabito says:

Which is the quantity in grams of xanthan gum please? I could’nt see it anywhere…

Ольга Грязева says:


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