Molecular gastronomy: Powdered Ice Cream inside Candy Strawberry

This is a molecular gastronomy strawberry-shaped toffee candy filled with powdered liquid nitrogen strawberry ice cream. This molecular gastronomy recipe is an adaptation of the signature dish “Minus-196° Candy Apple” by Seiji Yamamoto from his Tokyo restaurant Ryugin. Instead of apple form and ice cream, strawberry is used but the process is still the same.

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Gabreshaa says:


Richelle Villaruel says:

The music is making me feel sleepy

Jeanie_Yuss says:

Same thing can be achieved by putting a scoop of ice cream, a strawberry, and a jolly rancher, on a plate.

Codyodylovesya says:

my mouth won’t stop watering

Comment Nazi says:

MEANWHILE IN AMERICA! someone did Strawberry flavored chupa chups dipped with haagen dazs strawberry ice cream.
and it tasted much better without alien music background!

Herman Helmich says:

that’s a whole lotta effort, but obviously not my cup of tea…I like to cook


this just blew my mind

Ceren Barut says:

they took this way too seriously

A.R. Ahmad says:

I wonder how much each of them are sold for. seems take awful lot of time to make.

Sonia Rodriguez says:


Cris Gabriel says:

ingredient list???

Antonio Matos says:

Just eat the strawberry in the first place…

Darth Bacon says:

I came for the soundtrack.

ty2 says:

All y’all people who are confused as hell about what is going on are cracking me up! It is molecular gastronomy. It is the coolest thing in the world. It is what the top of the line chefs have been doing for years now.

MrNushNush says:

go to the supermarket buy some strawberrys and eat them …. dont eat this chemicals

TheGreat One says:

For those who desire to waste a fortune and die young.

Tony Farley says:

Just buy some vanilla dippin dots and put them in a blender. Skip to 5 minutes.

Kr R says:

I wonder long time it will take him to make dinner?

Twinky House says:

First, extract the strawberry’s soul.

tikrasseo says:

And in the end: – fuck it tastes horrible D:<

Aditya Tekale says:

why this shit so creepy

Shouri says:

demon magic!

Jammy Error says:

ok after 10 hours of waiting for my dessert i guess ill go and buy ben&jerry instead

Jirair Guezoumian says:

1:52 Toe Thumb! TOE THUMB!! AHGH!

Hestia Is Bestia says:

probably some of the ugliest nails ive ever seen

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