Molecular Gastronomy – Molecular Egg

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MrBatman469 says:

When I made this it tasted and smelled horrible, and I did it correctly

Katherine Angelina says:

Hi chef,

Base of what country the measurement that you use ? ( USA, AU/NZ or EU )

Noah Chicoine says:

what is the name of this track?

Arkey says:

Just realized that those chinese fake eggs are molecular gastronomy.

Irishfox says:

Eh, why did he slice that bit in half?

tabletuno uno says:

The taste is like the egg?

MOLECULE-R Flavors says:

@tomas paz: That depends on the additive! Here you go:

for Agar agar, Gellan Gum, Kappa & Iota Carrageenan, Sodium Alginate and Soy Lecithin 1 sachet = 2 g
for Calcium Lactate and Citric Acid, 1 sachet = 5 g
for Xanthan Gum, 1 sachet = 1 g
for Cold Soluble Gelatin, 1 sachet = 4g

Buğra Akıncı says:

What is the amount of water for sodium alginate bath in this recepie ? Thanks 🙂

Luka Akemi says:

This is like a great way to trick people thinking its just egg.

JimisDad64 says:

What size glass container are you using for the sodium alginate bath?

tamiloid says:

WOAH, can you tell me what tsoundtrack is this?

Kitty Lily says:

Happy early Easter

Kinshun Mui says:

This is more chemistry skill than actually cooking skills.

F. Lpez says:

wow pretty mind blowing…. its kind of daunting to get started in molecular gastronomy i feel. like a whole other world i didnt even know about.

any starter recipes and info on where i should start?

RedDuppers says:

Yo, i’m at the novice level of modernist cooking.  I do some sous vide and chamber sealing, as well as some spherification.

What equipment do I need to up my game?  Im looking for a temp controlled dehydrator.  Im also looking for a temp controlled mini fridge, but i can only find full sized models in the U.S.    

Rebecca Cornel says:


Luka S. says:

its better to just make pouched egg, i guess because its easier and its not using this chemicals

Metalsofa317 says:

I’m just wondering, how many teaspoons of product are in one sachet? I bought the product in one-pound containers, and I am not 100% sure about the measurements I need.

Brendan Wer says:

Is there a difference between using calcium lactate baths with sodium alginate in the spherified item and sodium alginate baths with calcium lactate in the spherified item? Does it have to do with the texture of the ingredients? 

Crusty says:

so its a Vegan egg?

heidi childs says:

I have always been interested in molecular gastronomy and am so excited to learn that I can experiment at home….most of our prcoessed food have chemicals in them….are the chemicals used in molecular gastronomy safe to eat? I recognize soy lecithin and others as listed in processed ingredients…

Jerry Giesler says:

Oh hell yes! 😀

Astaga 9naga says:

FAKE!! Tried it and it tastes horrible! 0/10

Gonza Ungvar says:

Why sometimes you put Sa in meal and Cl in bath and sometimes Cl in meal and Sa in bath???

Teagan says:

Looks delicious!

tomas paz says:

how many gramms does each sachet contain?

Lance Hendrickson says:

ThIs is the final exam.

Jessica Stephens says:

How long do the finished components last, in or out of the fridge?? For example, could you make this the day before or the morning of a dinner party? Thanks in advance! 🙂

Minh Ngọc says:

Awesomeee !!! Admirable

robot797 says:

this looks good
and verry verry simple

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