Molecular Gastronomy – Molecular Burger

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StardustNRP says:

question will this work with non pasty substances like soy sauce for example that is more liquid?

Sam Parker says:

what use are the measurements you give if you leave have the contents in the pan?

Farhad Firouzi says:

Hi, is it a must to use Agar Agar or it also would work with gelatin as well as Agar?

thaJagman1971 says:

I don’t like the flavor of the ketchup on beef, can you do the same thing to mayo?

Jerry Giesler says:

What is taking so long?!? There is supposed to be a food presented every week. It has been 3 weeks since the molecular burger was posted! ::

xmcrfobhublinkx says:

Why do you need the oil

Anonymously Nobody says:

does using gelatin work???
if so how many grams per batch

klefdnb says:

How much agar-agar does the package have?
Cuanto agar-agar tiene el paquete?

Samia Maurin says:

why the olive oil? wouldn’t that work with water as well?

Duke of Italy says:

This looks so cool!

Jacqueline Nicole says:

This is awesome but won’t the balls like, slide off from the burger? Any other suggestions on serving these sauce balls?

Dangerous Man says:

does regular coocking oil work??

Satanface Hyena says:

What do you call the process…quality? reallyunsure
When you drop one liquid into another and it forms orbs?
I’ve only seen it a few times in food before this, all of them in candy kits.

Earl C. says:

the manifest destiny to make things into little globules for some reason

Jack Ipdjian says:

How many grams of Agar-Agar does this recipe need ?

particlebeam says:

I dunno people, I kind of like the idea of making condiment caviar like bubbles. I’m curious about the mouthfeel so I’ll be experimenting with this. 2 grams agar-agar, 1/4 cup water and 3/4 cup ketchup or mustard. Easy! 🙂

Nathan Young says:

This is not a Molecular Burger, it is molecular condiments.

bartelgrant says:

i like how in french and english it was agar-agar but in spanish only agar.

Adiaha Alexander says:

The title of this video is misleading. I thought I was going to see a molecular burger being made not molecular condiments. I’d like to try it at least once though.

Eva Bota says:

So I tryed this, and it worked, but my ketchup pearls tasted like oil, I completly lost the flavour. Is that normal, or I have done something wrong? Btw the shape was perfect, and it’s totally fun to spend some much time to get just a small amount, wich disappears in a min. :))

DeeEll86442 says:

I love the idea of it but I wouldn’t do it. With all of the wonderful and exciting things to do why ketchup and mustard?

Maria Garcia says:

Dont seat the small stuff judge dredd he also doesnt doesnt show hownyournmost likely supposes to spoon out the oil that floats up i think thats a more imoortant stel cus it kinda confused me bht than figured it out cud it is kinda common sence 🙂

lena says:

Why do people have to bitch about this? This is interesting. Something the artists in this video love. It’s creative. Innovative. It’s not meant to be a filling meal but instead a small artistic experience. Stop comparing it to regular cooking, even though that’s an art in itself. Just chill the fuck out.

FriiDa MfDa says:

¿como cuántos gramos de angar tiene un sobre?
Pd. me encantan sus videos <3

Syahrul Irwan says:

what is agar agar?is it gelatin?

Giovanni Young says:


Dafne Gorostieta says:

dumbest thing in the world

Toren Tank says:

The hubris of these fools. It baffles me that any sane person would put this on their burger. Given the idea is brilliant, I just cant stand for this absurdity on such a commonplace meal.. I will hunt the people responsible and beat them mercilessly for the crimes on humanity they so maliciously caused.

Gooey Senpai says:

i’d be curious about making pearls of the hamburger as well. either by using the juices of the meat and other complimentary flavors, or by literally breaking the meat down with enzymes

Gotovim Vkusno says:

Хуйня какая то
Соус шариками пиздец, молекулярщики 

Jacqueline Nicole says:

Can we use other kinds of oil?

Leylelem says:

Vay kafanıza sıçam

Cambu82 says:

Spheres made with agar agar are liquid inside or are gelatine balls ?cant wait for my kit!

Judge Dredd says:

I get this is for presentation purposes, but y’all can’t scrape a container for shit. What is the purpose of using a a rubber spatula if you’re not going to scrape the container? That means your measurements aren’t even accurate. No way any cook would waste that much…even for a video. You guys just dress this dude up in a chef coat and call it a day, huh?

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