Molecular Gastronomy Made Easy! (Spherification)

An easy recipe for making fruit caviar that ANYONE can do!


Tiffany Traweek says:

Omg the guy who mentioned Orbitz just made my entire week. Seriously I’ve been looking for the name of that drink (as well as verification that they actually existed) for a long time now. Thank you so much.

acash93 says:

And I bet they’ll love the texture!

Eva Guarnizo says:

Thanks this video is really helpful!

justyn france says:

Please stop cooking man ,I’d say you don’t even know how to BBQ ,that dessert was a complete and utter Hack of dribble

Fathdigital says:

Don’t use regular tap water, use distilled water because some tap water have a high  calcium level and that will mess up the gelification process, also the gelification process doesn’t stop so over time the caviar will be a solid and have no liquid inside.  Also don’t let the caviar rest in the calcium bath for more then 1 min otherwise there will be no liquid inside.

Sarah Gee says:

Thanks for sharing! I’ve been wanting to try this recipe but everyone else made it so complicated but I’m glad I found yours 🙂 subscribed! Keep up the Awesome job!

Kunta Kinte says:

Something else that may help you out is if you film a ‘dry-run’ of the video – don’t actually cook, just go through the explanation and mimic the actions of cooking. Then watch that a few times, and then actually film the real video. You’ll be surprised how much more concise you become. This video was good all the same though.

Alecia Vogel says:

I’ve seen videos do it the other way, mixing the calcium chloride with the fruit juice, and then drip that mixture into the sodium alginate bath.
Does it really make any difference?

prchix says:

Great video

P Sotes says:

edit and make this a 5 minute video instead of a 10 minute video

Lill' Wolff says:

Would it not be easier just to strain the bubbles?

alexisjperez says:

It seems very easy. Just a note, it seems it could be easier to use the type of strainer that is shaped like a cup instead of that flat one, so you can leave it inside the first bowl while pouring the balls with the squirting bottle and just lift the whole thing and transfer it to the other bowl.

deep lv says:

Stick to BBQ

Ballistic BBQ says:

The heat would set the alginate a little too fast.

Ballistic BBQ says:

You could try to whisk it I guess. That stuff starts to set really fast when it hits the liquid.

JP Maguate says:

Nice shirt! One of my favorite brands.

Ballistic BBQ says:

Thank you for the suggestion. I’ve been working on trying to keep my videos shorter than they are.

GottaLive&Love says:

Man some people are mean. But I would like to know where you found your sodium alginate and calcium chloride because I cannot find it for what you found it for.

Zoe Collinz says:

Is there a way that you could use already liquefied calcium chloride

Lill' Wolff says:

They look just like little redcurrant berries. YUMMIE

99centstoreful says:

could you heat the strawberry mixture and add the alginate while heating thus dissolving it and eliminated the bubbles….??

North Post says:

Thank you for making things easier.. and for providing ingredients that is easy to use that everyone can do…. Two thumbs up for sharing it to everyone….

EvilCerberus999 says:

Can you mix the the algiate with what ever you want inside by hand INSTED of a blender?

Amanda says:

It reminds me of orbies

johntp2 says:

This video could have been done in a minute… if so I would have watched the whole thing.

gail ghinis says:

I’m liking your videos you’re very adventurous.

Lam Nguyen says:

its base on what the thing you are trying to spherified witch why you do it for better spheres

Josh Maddy says:

No Bubble tea is made with tapioca pearls.

Ruben abreu junior says:

Banana and Strawberry Caviar recipe

justyn france says:

Please stop cooking man ,I’d say you don’t even know how to BBQ ,that dessert was a complete and utter Hack of dribble

Ballistic Turtle says:

Fun project for the kids interested in science and/or cooking.

GuidoAnicito says:

You do all that work to put it on a sundae!? lol

JassieJai says:

@cole o’neil no bubble tea is made with something called boba or bobo it’s tapioca pearls you can find them at an hmart near you

LloydieP says:

Sooo.. Trendy huh? Cos cooking’s not a chemical reaction is it?

Cole O'Neill says:

Is this how bubble tea is made?

Tomasz Plawski says:

hi from Poland, what is the thickness of the alginate liquid after you let it sit to get the air bubbles out? I have been trying anywhere from 1 to 2% alginate and it seems that the stuff has a runny jelly to almost solid gel consistency and the air bubbles don’t want to get out. Also I seem to be able to only make caviar-with larger spheres they don’t seem to develop a thick enough skin,even if I let the stuff sit in the calcium solution for half an hour 🙁 maybe it’s the hard water we have?

Ballistic BBQ says:

I’ve never tried it that way. The alginate is the jelling agent… I would be very interested in seeing how the method you’re mentioning works. If you try it, let me know. I’ll probably give it a shot.

Kunta Kinte says:

As long as the PH of your piss isn’t too high, yes lol. If its too high add some sodium citrate.

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