Molecular Gastronomy – Honey Wraps

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Skoby192 is Boss says:

this should be called: Ice Wraps

John Trolarc says:

2 nd

AuryOtaku says:

I made these once, and sadly its my only successful recipe with agar agar. I’ve been trying to make jellied sodas or juices for a while now (not the caviar ones since I don;t have a dropper)  but the texture is… weird, to say the least. Any tips? I tried this same exact recipe with soda, ramune (japanese soda) even water (look up the mizu shingen recipe, ive been a failure at it so far) but I always get it wrong. Help!

justin ervin says:

I heard of honey compression wraps used to help clear chest congestion by applying it to the outside of your chest. I wonder if this way would be better than the honey flour and vegetable oil mix.

Darmawan Sho says:

can i ask how much gram of agar-agar in that one sachet? thanks 🙂

Jerry Giesler says:

First serving: is that a clementine orange slice and strawberry caviars?!?

Madi Tonges says:

These look so simple, and amazing. Could I swirl a little food coloring in the freshly poured mixture? It would be awesome to have a tie dyed effect, or like stained glass.

Damián Barbatelli says:

Hey, can these be stored?

Raida Aldosari says:

can I use gelatin instead of agar-agar?

Jerene Tan says:

to make the strawberry caviar, do you substitute honey for strawberry concentrate?

Stella Regina says:

Is agar-agar cooking part of molecular gastronomy? If I cook agar-agar I bought in my country that cost less than 1 USD for about 10gram and make bird nest ice, is it gastronomi molecular technique too? Because there are many kind of agar-agar in Indonesia. Agar-agar as drink, plain agar-agar in red, green, yellow color, jelly agar-agar flavoured with strawberry,lechee, grape, chocolate, agar-agar pudding, and many more.

Lisa suci Cahyanti says:

lol… Indonesian people almost familiar with agar-agar… my family every weekend always make agar-agar dish, called “es kopyor” with fake young coconut meat (made from agar-agar transparent ~because in Indonesia there are a lot of type agar-agar, such as: red agar-agar, green, yellow, even chocolate agar-agar which is delicious~) 😀 u should try “es kopyor”.. it’s fresh and delicious..

bovko says:

The first serving suggestion is brilliant.

oncletnt says:


Jasper Does says:

I did something similar asdfghjkl

Abi N says:

Great video,
I was wondering can things be set in it, say lay super thin sheets of a fruit in it before refrigerating it? or could that upset the balance?

Hal Nau says:

Hell yes, love this one.

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