Molecular Gastronomy – Honey Caviar

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Mark Kuff says:

What is that measurement of agar?

Tricoire Elie says:

Mamelou   🙂

Александр Кисленко says:

My first attempt failed badly. Caviar just dissolved in an oil. What could go wrong?
Edit: I’ve used about 2 grams of Aa, maybe a bit more (weighed from a 10g sachet), just brought mixture to boil and removed from the heat, dripped in the oil while mixture still were hot.

Jerry Giesler says:

Jonah Bloom, 2 grams per sachet!

Jessica Price says:

could we substitute fruit juice instead of honey (want to make fruit caviar)?

GhostWolf_X says:

What can I use as a substitute for agar?

Wong Amy Jara says:

Can I prepare them one day ahead? And how to keep ?

Daniel Hankes says:

Pro tip: This doesnt actually work with agar agar, or gelatine.

Hide The Spicy Meme says:

i’m going to make caviar but with blended peaches. How would i store those if they are possible?

fanisa tria says:

Mung ager ager tok wae, nganggo madu ra nganggo gulo. Fancy ne,,,

Lady Luco says:

super excited to try this!

Is the agar agar you used powder or flakes, please?

AuryOtaku says:

I was successful with this recipe! With the leftover honey, i dipped a whole strawberry to use it as aspic jelly. DEE-Lish!

I wanted to ask, though, I’d hate to throw away the remaining Honey-agar mixture. Can i refrigerate it and melt it for next use?

Mattawan P. says:

Hello, I would like to know if using agar agar will give similar texture compared to when you use Sodium Alginate and Calcium Lactate? Will it be watery or jelly inside?

Saurabh Dawra says:

Can we store honey caviar in refrigerator?
if yes then for how long? 

Olga Hernández says:

Me gustan mucho sus vídeos, la manera en que nos enseñan es muy clara pero sobre todo quiero darles las gracias porque los títulos también están en español, mil gracias.

M GODO says:

The perfect accessory for making caviar pearls! You will be able to produce 96 drops at once. This handy tool saves tons of time and effort by dispensing 96 droplets of spherification liquid at a time. This ergonomic caviar maker is the perfect spherification tool. Designed specifically for creating Modernist caviar.
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JT McAwesome-Face says:

Is that brie at the end???

Zyn Smith says:

beyond beautiful.

Tabassum Majeed says:

hello how much gelatin we should use instead of agar agar

looza22 says:

Thank you for the new video! It’s very nice to receive more recipes!

Ren Pre says:

How long would these last at room temperature? Are they liquid in the center or firm throughout like jello?

Jerry Giesler says:

What kind of food is that at he end of the clip? Brie de Meaux or quiche?

singleT314 says:

Can you do this with strawberry

Rax G says:

These ideas are amazing.

Tina T says:

Can you make this One Day ahead?

MOLECULE-R Flavors says:

+GhostWolf_X If you don’t mind animal products, you can always use gelatin. We like agar-agar because it’s inexpensive and vegetarian.

Mike Whitehurst says:

do you know of any channel doing the same as you but with talking presenter ?

Effua Jordan says:

I want to know what the bread was that you showed at the end

michail karavelis says:

how many days can we maintain this product ?

Ren Pre says:

Might this work with reduced champagne?  I’m making a pink champagne cupcake and these would look amazing as a garnish!

edyhdrawde says:

could you do the same thing with blood orange?

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