Molecular Gastronomy – Goat’s Cheese Ravioles

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Brocoli Muncha says:

WOW, all that fucking around just for a peice of goats cheese.
Which is pretty much what you started with.
Why not just eat it as is???

Zenchi says:

i thought that was ice cream

Jessica Gross says:

Can you use any other type of cheese?

Richard Incandela says:

What’s on top of the goat cheese at the end? Also what kind of meat is on the stick

Jerry Giesler says:

I can see it on top of an 8oz. Filet sirloin!!! 😀

Georgia Bafaki says:

Could anyone tell me how many grams is the sodium alginate please?

Jerry Giesler says:

It’s either that you’re dreaming or you don’t know what Molecular Gastronomy is, Brocoli Muncha.

Valshe Black says:

We can eat that right?!

destroyerofnoob says:

If I make in morning can I store it in water in fridge till night?

Kat Kitty says:


Zquish says:

Can you do like a chocolate thing?

destroyerofnoob says:

Thanks for uploading another video! Does it actually taste like goat cheese? Also I inboxed you .

Buğra Akıncı says:

I ordered and liked my Cuisine R-EVOLUTION kit so much 🙂

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