Molecular Gastronomy – Fruit Spaghetti

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Valeria Villafuerte says:

Hey, great recipe. Con you tell me how many grams of agar agar are in each sachet??

willow white says:

Followed directions as closely as possible and they wouldn’t come out of the tube I tried longer time shorter time more pureed fruit and nothing -_- used your kit and everythinf

elwiraKarol K says:

Hello . I’m doing everything according to the recipe , but my spaghetti is not stable . I can not lift it with a fork and a few minutes later dissolves. Could this be due to the quality of agar agar ?

sana humayun says:

can I use gelatin?

Ваня says:

gute musik

TheKrister2 says:


Dismoeyy says:

Why do I feel the urge to Rave my limbs off from a video on cooking?

Ines says:

omg only 2 ingredients to get this out of it, thats just amazing

The Amazing Flavor Creams says:

Neat stuff.  The noodles integrity gives your spaghetti’s limitless possibilities.

Taylor Nelson says:

were can u find agar-agar I wanna do this recipe for my birthday which is in a few days!!

Multigamer says:

I’m going to be doing this soon

L. Ingersoll says:

Now I just want to make strawberry spaghetti and serve it with a white chocolate sauce and don’t tell anyone what it is and watch their expressions since they’re expecting pasta and sauce.

Irishfox says:

Your gonna want more than that mate.

Kurian c Kurian says:

what you have made here is a very good likeness(not a copy or imitation or derivation) of the Indian sweet called jalebi. As of now Jalebis are made of sugar syrup, saffron/food coloring and fried in oil. Is it possible to make a fruity jalebi that is delicious and less unhealthy?

hopsh27 says:

That’s is so cool

Dung Nguyen says:

How much

Issac trujillo says:

How long does the spaghetti have to stay in the icebath?

Med Otaku says:

Just watched a few of these video’s. Is your opinion of “molecular gastronomy” simply to turn everything into various shapes of Jello?

Luvanius 21 says:

I’ve tried this recipe but my pasta is too soft an breaks easily. Do you have an idea how I can change this?

Lisa Hankes says:

maybe dont write everything in french

AuryOtaku says:

Cant wait to try this for an experiment!

One unrelated question, if I want to make a mixture/solution with the Soy Alginate, do I need to blend it with the hand blender? could I use a food processor instead?

Mathieu Degonde says:

Nice video ! Btw what’s the name of the song ?

Iain McKinnon says:

thanks for video. How much agar agar is in each sachet?

NekoGun 23 says:

omg wow

HoneyBuns M.C says:

I Bought The Kit And I Will Definitely Make This! Is This Recipe Edible Or Just For Display?

makenna conway says:

What is agar-agar?

Teagan says:

Looks yummy!

AetherDreamSeeker says:

Is there a way to do this without added sugar or can I use a sweetener that’s lower on the Glycemic Index?

LuiDeca says:

What exactly is this agar?

All Encompassing Evil says:

Hey, what is the music in the end of this? I hear it on all of your videos, and I like it.

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