Molecular Gastronomy: Frozen Reverse Spherification to Make Spheres with Liquid Inside

Get a molecular gastronomy kit to start experimenting at Learn how to easily make perfectly shaped spheres with liquid inside with Frozen Reverse Spherification, a variation of the molecular gastronomy technique developed by Chef Ferran Adria.

This video shows you how to make Carrot Orange Mango Liquid Spheres with Rose Crystals using Frozen Spherification.

Frozen Reverse Spherification

– Reduces the preparation time
– Does not require practice
– Results in perfectly shaped spheres of consistent size

Learn everything you need to know about spherification at

Our molecular gastronomy kits include the hemispheric silicone mold required for Frozen Spherification and you can get them at

To get the complete recipe of Carrot, Orange & Mango Spheres with Rose Crystals go to


Dave Kos says:

What can be used instead of sodium alginate?

Chef Dee says:

how important is using distilled water for alginate bath?

achara nadon says:
Patrisha Pena says:

what’s the name of the song playing?

Henry TheEgg says:

Why do you rinse it? Is it for safety? Or maybe flavor.

Bianca Tetitla says:

thank u so much .Now i know what  to do for my science project at school .

Happy Fujita says:

is the calcium in the juice mix?

Jeanne Chuah says:

How if i wanted to do this reverse spherification but dont want it to do the frozen style just a normal reverse spherification is that okay?

Ling Lan says:

How does it if don’t warm up the alginate water ?

an sal says:

is there anything i can use instead of calcium lactate gluconate?

ian huaman avila says:

won nice :3

Jacek Kobędza says:


Jose Ernesto Centeno says:

Is the rinsing water distilled water as well? do you have to freeze the mixture or can you just go from mixing the juice to the bath water?

Linda Navarro says:

Do you have to serve right away, or can this process be stored into it’s own juice?

Gavrila Chong says:

is it possible to make the sphere served hot? or warm at least

Ash Tonu says:

Can it be stored in its own juice and for how long. If not frozen.? Thanks

Cindy Nguyen says:

Looks like egg yolks!

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