Molecular Gastronomy – Frozen Parmesan Foam

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Wong Amy Jara says:

Hi, can I serve the foam right away with frozen ? Thanks

Francesco Sirotti says:

Doesn’t freezing dampen the flavour of the cheese? Also, I hope you used a good parmigiano and not an Italian sounding parmesan made God knows where…

MrGlennJohnsen says:

so it’s parmesan flavored ice crystals?

Colin Oneill says:

would this work with say any foam ? i mean freezing the foam to give it that texture

Adam_2020 says:

Do you need the special blendy thing

Sophie Armitage says:

Hvy dont you talk?

Rebecca Cornel says:


Greg Dahlen says:

Thanks, I’m trying to understand the “foam” thing as I read a little about Adria at El Bulli in Spain. Was he doing the same as you here? I thought I might get my sister a foam instruction manual for Christmas.

Hunter Ng says:

It can stand for how long? a day? few hour?

fragsoup says:

For those of us that buy the bulk canisters, it would really be nice to know how much is in each packet so I can measure and get the same results. I’ve been turned away from all the recipes on the DVD (that came with my kit) and the recipes from the youtube channel for that very reason.

faksmakinesi says:

can i make my own frozen parmesan foam at home? with these ingredients? only soy sauce, i need?

An Pe says:

How many grams of lecitine for this recepies? 2 grams?

HappyG says:

Can this be made without soy lecithin? I’m intolerant to soy, is there a soy-free alternative?

AnneGirlCarrots says:

::facepalm: DONT THROW AWAY THE PARMESEAN PASTE!  Spread it thinly on a silpat and BAKE in the oven until golden brown and bubbly. Let it cool and you have parmesan crisps!

David Oze says:

The yolk looks like elvis at the end.

Paolo Tamburrino says:


Asher Goldfeld says:

You should do ice cream foam

Martin Descalzi says:

Nice ! Whats the serving suggestion in the vid ? Thanks

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