Molecular Gastronomy – Drinkable Yogurt Ravioles

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Ruby Cate says:


chinorexfleckeri says:

Very nice! Where do I find this square container, and these white spoons?

josue glez says:

does all the sachets have 2 grams?

an sal says:

can the calcium lactate be exchanged by anything?

Hal Nau says:

Make up a new name. This is not, by any definition, ravioli.

DavidInTheTube says:

What are the spoons called from the presentation

Luke fisher says:

Just a tip yogurt in Spanish is yogur

Kranti Kothari says:

what is the quantity of sodium alginate that you take?

Galka Power says:

The sodium alginate bath turned out pretty solid, almost jelly like. However, it turned out my sachet is 2 gr. not 5. Do you think that was the reason or a not so strong refrigerator?

Jerry Giesler says:

Not bad! 😀

Yafet Palomeque says:

I loved the little…what are they, may I call them “dishes” those things spoon-marfil-like…I just loved them! anyone knows what are they called?

Sim Lee says:

How to make yogurt sphere when I put into sodium alginate

xoyv says:

hmm, what if instead of just dropping it into the solution, you used a large syringe (like what was used in “fruit spaghetti”) to try and make some form of edible shapes (basic flowers or letters or whatnot)?

Heidi Hebein says:

how long can you keep the Sodium Alginate solution?

Mairead Spark says:

how much drinkable yoghurt?

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