Molecular Gastronomy – Coco-almond Fondant

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Brendan Wer says:

Two questions.
1.) Why two sodium alginate packets? 
2.) Does this mean we can make unflavored base syrups with sodium alginate and water and then add a liquid to flavor?

Chris Bird says:

That looks AMAZING!!! I am looking to purchase ingredients so that I can make these at home.

Christine Antonius says:

i’ve tried to make that pearls several times now with agar – agar, instant jelly and gelatin, but i still cant make it burst, it always get solid inside, can you help please 🙁

uniqoua says:

How does it tastes?

sweetwater88 says:

That’s some SimCity level music, there.

Jerry Giesler says:


chrisvarns says:

Agar agar, agar agar, agar.

Miguel Aguilera says:

impresionante… maravilloso…. aplausos!!!

floosiesheena says:

It doesn’t say how much vanilla to use? Please reply asap, I am making these tomo eve or sat morning! 

Andrew Marc says:

all sachets have 2 grams???

Marilyn Johnson says:


Sebs says:

Hi, first thing. I love your videos, they are great. Regarding this one, I have two doubts. One: There is no sugar added to the coconut milk part. Is that correct? Second: Could it be possible to prepare the half of the proportion of the sodium alginate base (150ml of water and 1 Sa Package) to use the 60ml required for the recipe. Thank you very much!

Laura McIntosh says:

I love these longer, more intricate videos. So fascinating to watch.

Mark Nagle says:

I tried this last night and it looked great BUT….. it tasted nasty! the coconut needs to be sweetened to make it palatable. Also trying to get the spheres to stay on top of the coconut was almost impossible (they have a life of their own!) I dusted the fondant with coco powder but it spoilt the look of the fondant. But it worked so its onward and upwards!! Thanks for the inspiration . M

suleman WhatsApp 96895658472 says:


Sanjeev Kumar says:

this is not cooking it is chemistry. i can not eat science sorry….

flying frenchman says:

I gave the recipe a try with chocolate spheres.
I didn’t quite like the texture of the base (adding some xanthan for mouth feel could have helped perhaps).
The video waste quite a bit of sodium alginate bath. At a 50/50 dosage with the flavoring agent the sphere have only 50% of the taste. So it is something to keep in mind.

very80s says:

Yeah great video. One quick question: I’ve read that if we do direct espherification (the one you did with amaretto), the liquid will end up, after sometime, turning completely into some sort of gelatin (even after water washing) Is it true?

Maku Rorensu says:

Shingeki no soma

Juan Pablo Lojano says:

I can say it amounts to the envelope because here my country did not sell well thanks for envelopes

unlucky13tattoo says:

yes please!!!

Hydr0genCz says:

Hi. Why did you use basic and not reverse spherification for the amareto balls?

-,' RED ',- says:

this is friking amazing

José Carlos Sayago Paz says:

why does it have to be agar agar? gelatin wouldn´t be the same?
and… why do you blend it?

kieran smith says:

are there any stores that sell those packets?
they look really convienient, but I’m not usually able to shop online, so just wondering are there any stores that sell them?

rajat kumar says:

ooooooooooooomygod that was really awesome

BPAdemo says:

hey i’m a pastry student and i was wondering is it possible to do the same thing only with caramel?
say if i wanted to do a small dessert and have caramel sauce (or just caramel like in cream caramel) added as a round blob (i guess is the word..) – like in the video. how would you do that assuming that caramel hardens once cooled..

jeffreyFUU says:

what the fuck can you guys even do without specification? this is nothing new.

Ceren Barut says:

is this future food

Seastarly says:

I thought fondant was stuff you put on cakes

Alberto Fajardo says:

Hola cuantos gr. tiene los sobre de agar agar ,algianato de sodio y el lactato de calcio , gracias

David says:

sooooooooo it’s a super dope fancy jello shot

2phalanges says:

whiskey shots yo

Daniel W. says:

how much gram’s are there in one Agar Agar packet?

Nico Myers says:

cuánto pesa cada sachet de Polvo Químico?

Antonio Mateo says:

Gracias por estos videos tan interesantes

Thank you for the videos. Are so interesting

Wall- Flower says:

Really facinating, this is really new to me that i asked myself is this really edible.

Francis White says:

I see that glass dishes are used in most recipes. Is that necessary for the results

peak knox says:

the music used makes me feel like I am watching Ocean’s 11

Jithin Vijayan says:

Really helpful basics

Ordinary Mevaker Edwin says:

I like using this method……but i don’t have calcium lactate to do the trick

Nick de jong says:

how many grams each are the bags of agar-agar and sodium alginate?

Neil M says:

For a minute there I thought I was listening to the Ocean’s Eleven soundtrack.

barry wallace says:

I would like to no why you use agar agar to set the fondont instead of using gelatine as gelatine is cheaper and more widly avalable but very very nice dish also the perls that you make are they store able if so how long ??

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