Molecular Gastronomy – Chives Foam

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Chucky ZN says:

How do I make a Veal stock foam?

sajjan sarkar says:

Ive never eaten foam and so unable to understand why this seems to be the current fashion in current haute cuisine.. what does it do to the dish? does it make it taste any better?

destroyerofnoob says:

Thanks for uploading another video yet again and thanks for responding to my messages I sent to your inbox the tips were very helpful.

LadySilverWolfe says:

What weight I grams is the soy lethicin u added?

Brendan Wernisch says:

So easy and great for presentation! I will definitely be making this. 

Drake Johnson says:

A recepie I tried was 1 seeded jalapeno and 2/3 cup of water and one Soy Lecithin packet. I used it to top off a margarita, and it was fantastic! I’d love to see you guys do a video on that!

Ihsan Deeb says:

Hello, I have a problem, I just tried making banana foam with banana, water, and soy lecithin. Did I do anything wrong? I tasted it and tasted like soy lecithin, I’m not sure how much to use or not even sure it’s possible to make banana foam this way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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