Mojito Molecular Gastronomy

Mojito Spherification Recipe
Get the kit here:

This video will show you how to use the mojito spherification kit made by Molecule-R a company that makes molecular gastronomy kits for home use.
Chef Devaux will run through the recipe to show you how easy it is to cook a modern-day recipe like this reverse spherification technique, he will also put his own little twists on the original recipe.


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MULSSO says:

Can I know what is the power name please

Joshua Dryburgh says:

My new experiment at work… :3

yyrkoon13 says:

What kind of knives are those and that magnetic knife block?? Also these techniques are for visual aesthetic. If you just want to drink a Mojito then this prolly isn’t for you. Just saying.

Tyler Lu says:

7:11 that was awkward haha

Tammy Krasnohira says:

i really like mojitos, and i love your accent but, what is the point of making this? (don’t mean to be rude, just want to know). Maybe like jelly shots or something like that?

Relax-O-Vision says:

is there some way to pre make these and store them?? for at least 1 night? :

kerem kurban says:

that micro expression while tasting tho

r tabeek says:

slap it!

Toby Freeman says:

spank that mint

Xoch says:

The science in this is pretty cool, and I think it’s great that things like this can be done. It also looks like fun, if you have the patience. I do think that this kind of technology should be used in more useful things. Not saying molecular gastronomy should be banned, no way. I just get frustrated…. all that work for a handful of bubbly swigs of mojito. I’m like, just make me a regular mojito, plenty of bubbles without the long wait, and satisfying.

Dallas Stobb says:

Nice moghito, jerk.

Alyssa Jennings says:

4,000th like

Alfred Jodl says:

I died when he smacked the mint leaves.

marroon rider says:

sprite?! i cannot

Sofia Cookiemonster says:


Lisa Nossek says:

destilled water? do you mean filtered water maybe?

32lxx6ika 88 says:

i love mojitos. omg. thank you!

CakeTUBEjb says:

It’s sad to see so much negativity in these comments 🙁 I think this is really cool and was interesting to learn about! I love your channel!

Christian Vl says:

So tap water does not have Calcium 😀 Interesting but a nice idea.

32lxx6ika 88 says:

so delightful.

Martynas Kalvaitis says:

we dont

Greg Wasdyke says:

7:05 woah those captions mate

ggboy292 says:

wait i can use tap water ? everywhere else they say destillerated water.

cyndiboo79 says:

Umm NO ! So not how to make a Mojito !

Freyja Svansdóttir says:

It’s actually just pronounced Mo-hito, not Mochito

izzy marsino says:

i have a concept of taking shitty things and making it gourmet i would love to do a spherified olde english

Mason Ang says:

Concise and fundamentally explained! thank you

kleinermunsterlande says:

It’s not CO2, but N2 (nitrogen)

Frederika Katuuk says:


David Uhr says:

How long will the gelatin spheres hold? Could you make a bunch of these for a party… like a day in advance? Or do these need to be consumed immediately?

7531monkey says:

So its a poppin cookin set…

Jonas Andrade says:

Cool but no co2 on this

Almeder Kati says:

Awesome! Thanks a lot))

Jordy jean says:


inyourface9001 says:

pls never use destilled water for eating or drinking. It can be very harmful.

Thecoasterdude TAEJAE says:

does it make u fart

Sam Render says:

the way you say mojito really upsets me

Jason S Savitt says:

I’m salivating, just watching this

Dullahan says:

Tap water usually has calcium in it, it depends on where you live

GG bois says:

too much work why dont u just take a shot of vodka ?

ちさ says:


Jesus Quintero says:

bacardi <3

The DragonGirl says:

I love how he ses that

Dafne Gorostieta says:

waste of time…

betto s.a says:

i need one like these

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