Modernist Cuisine – Striped Mushroom Omelet

Step-by step video on how to make a striped mushroom omelet. For more tips and recipes visit:


Kerry Orwat says:


Praxton-de-Nouveau says:

Geez, people can bitch about anything.

Derriere says:

Can we please get shots of people eating these dishes? Don’t leave us hangin’

Brabus 1Up says:

what’s wrong with a normal mushroom omelette ?

Rahul says:

Absolutely bullshit!

Pierre says:

What a waste of equipment and time. Aesthetics mean nothing when taste is not incremental.

ElPulpoTX says:

What an abomination of food.

Travis Westcott says:

sounds delicious but I must say presentation personally is not making me want to eat it at all looks like a tile floor or something, but everyone has different taste and i do appreciate the process and thought in the dish

ed china says:

too processed for my liking but still very clever and very focused cooking

wickandde says:

I love molecular gastronomy but this one doesn’t cut it for me, actually I find a lot of breakfasty recepes don’t do it for me. Breakfast needs to look like breakfast, hearty and filling. This will probably keep you filled for like 20 mins.

Michael T says:

If you are spending more time trying to make a food look weird than you are developing flavors and textures then you are missing the point of cooking. It’s like those wedding cakes covered in a dozen layers of inedible fondant. All looks, no substance.

Yvonne's Vlogs says:

but why?

Ca11m3Raven says:

So this is what the 1% eat.

Luke E says:

Utter bollocks. Chefs are pathetic

Hahf Inc. says:

Camera is held way too far

Harpo Django Rose says:

Is it blasphemy that I want to see it wrapped around a hot dog?

Raptor Cawk says:

I feel like I’m slowly turning into a black person

Spudwellington says:

so fucking stupid. what a waste of time effort and money all around. rich people will never cease to amaze me with the stupid shit they spend money on.

Dillon Shayne says:

I’m so full now its so big..

Igor Barbaros says:

That’s some weird shit

Wilde Oscar says:

what happens to all the plastic bags? turtles confuse them for jelly fish?

Mark Taylor says:


celeryg66 says:

this guy sounds bored as fuck. Pretty sure that dish is not cheap and I for one resent the hell out of paying more that 5 buck for an egg dish. The labour on this is so not worth it!

Tamas Mihaly says:

Damn. Fancy eggs. I like it.

Micah Klein says:


Zaheer Shaikh says:

wow, nice idea of heating the eggs in plastic bag. you deserve an award for this. probably you give slow death to your regular customers. idiot

Catchme Ifyoucan says:

Ridiculous and absolutely preposterous! This does not add anything of that much value.

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