Hot Maple Ice Cream – Molecular Gastronomy


Elizabeth Moreno says:

great video!! Please make more!

FoodTwat says:

Wait so I don’t get it. He made hot lumps? Is it hot on the outside but cold on the inside? Whats the texture like? What is this.

kazupke says:

Great Video

master L says:


TheManoxide says:

how the hell is that ice cream????? its cool looking yes but from a chefs point of view thats not ice cream im curious how it would look when its been cut open is it solid or liquid inside? cool vid though jus ya i dont get it i have dabbled in molecular gastronomy this is pretty interesting though

Jakob Holm Hansen says:

It’s “inverse” ice cream. Meaning that the mixture sets when hot, and melts when cooling down. So in effect, it has the texture of ice cream when hot, but when you eat it, it melts in your mouth as it is cooled down. Quite interesting 🙂

kazupke says:

great Video

caseychan83 says:


purplydreamz says:

This is very interesting. So when you taste it, it actually feels cold? Also what happens to the “ice” cream when it is left out for a long time?

Zquish says:

Looks so good! I’ll have to make that!

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