Fruit Reverse Spherification

In this video, you will see how to make liquid spheres filled with fruit juice, but you can easily use this recipe to fill them with whatever you desire.

Reverse spherification is the process of making liquid spheres that are contained in a thin gel bubble the process of making these is done by freezing any liquid with calcium lactate in it and then bathing them in a sodium alginate solution for a short time, this process was first invented in El Bulli by Chef Ferran Adria in 2003, its magical and theatrical way to present your food.

ingredients used:

– sodium alginate
– calcium lactate
– distilled water
– raspberries

equipment used:

precise weighing scale
silicone mold
press juicer
blender (similar)
spoon with holes

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Andy Webb says:

those are adorable. aweeeeeeeeeee

Ulrik Pettersen says:

gang Anybody hear better than this varjant

Cheez_Is_bueno says:

is this not just raspberry boba ?

Korobi says:


زهره الربيع says:

هل من عربي هنا؟؟؟

Halloween Jack says:

u store them in oil. then put back in water before serving.

Carrot Juice says:

or you can use juice, agar, and oil. thats it.

Gennaro Turco says:

When you freeze the spheres the size of it changes, it gets bigger, when you defrost them it changes again, it gets smaller, and that creates those small bubbles inside, that is air. Don’t freeze them

GlockWiseSB says:

Why not blend the powder with the juice instead of with water and then dilluting the juice?

Vivian Tristesse says:

Wouldn’t it be best to keep them in an isotonic dilute alginate solution?

Wong Duiqi says:

thank you so much

Izipunn says:

you have a great channel. But you should change your channel name 🙂

Leo Lu says:

What if I use eye droppers and drop them in

luismauricior77082 says:

Hi- thanks for the video. Could I ask where did you get the container you are using to store your calcium lactate in? The brushed aluminum one with the label “Cl”. Thanks

Meiky Micahel says:

Question: so if you can create the capsule while it’s being frozen, can you create a multilayered capsule for tutti-fruitti flavor? Freeze – coat -freeze in larger mold – coat – freeze in larger mold – and so on.

CardiffCrafter says:

Who the f*ck would bother?

Ankisan says:


Lisa-Marie Barta says:

Aren’t the spheres kinda salty?

Amir Al-katib says:

This is really brilliant xd

Karaca Kestelli says:

Hi there. In your mojito video, you dont put the alginate in the freezer. Whats the difference? Cheers

Eminor says:

Would adding alcohol straight into the juice before making the sphere instead of doing it afterward mess up the process?

Kevin Pham says:

can you make bigger ones? with different measurements ?

Ange Chan says:

I just discovered how to make caviar out of fish oil from this video 🙂

Rafael Hof says:

there has always been one question in the back of my mind are you dutch?

Salty Daydreams says:

I’ve been looking to see if anyone else had the idea to make vegan “salmon roe” like this! Ideas?

Marckiio says:

It has one defect, the balls shouldn’t contain any kind of bubbles inside. That’s because you need to remove them (with a vacuum machine) before freezing them. But I know in a home you don’t have theses machines, so might be harder to get the bubbles out (with a torch might work too).

Alex L says:


Hagar Ihab says:

But i wanna ask an important question , how can it handle the great pressure , , if it`s thrown from my hand intentionally and if i wanna a great amount of water with me if i am on trip how can i get a huge amount of it with me, it`s more safe for health and it`s cheaper of course and doesn`t consume a lot of energy during manufacturing it , but it`s not comfortable in using it , i think.

Ian Hafley says:

Please say the word mojito for me

Ter3sa B4ndit says:

i love your videos its really fun making foods you show us houw to make 🙂

jamal abdulla says:

this is very nice recipe.. thanks chef Davy Devaux

Jango says:

Я тут одна русская?I am Russian

1anitnel says:

Where can I buy these chemicals?

Audrey Aurelia says:

Is it different sodium lactate and calcium chloride?

EastCoastGirl27 says:

The host looks like Marshall from “How I Met Your Mother” = automatically endearing

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