Fruit Caviar – Molecular gastronomy

How to make fruit pearls (spherification).
Easy molecular gastronomy recipe.

Ingredients :
– agar agar
– fruit juice
– cold vegetable oil
– sugar
– water
– Fromage blanc

Vegan friendly recipe 😉


Karla Araujo says:

Do the pearls get the flavor of the vegetable oil? 🙂

Taylor Kirch says:

Looks to be a hair in your lemon. 2:32

Alexander Pritchard says:

What is the white cream stuff? Can I get exact brand / product name?

upik noviantika says:

what if in the caviar still liquid phase?

Michael Johnson the Hedgehog07 says:


Joey James Oliver says:


jefaslb says:

0:46 is that bowl filled with oil also? Why changing bowls then?

Vanilla Milk Gaming says:


DrkestShadow says:

Quick question about the vegetable oil you use – if you make a lot of the same fruit pearls over and over, let’s say orange, and use the same oil, does the oil become infused with an orange flavor? And, if so, what could you do with that? Oooo or lemon infused vegetable oil. Makes the mind wonder. Ideas please!

bitunusual says:

Can we hire you for our next event? Looks so good!

Daniel Mekelburg says:

Like most of molecular gastronomy, very cool to look at, not as exciting to eat.

Nichole Marie says:

wthat is this shit

Novi Navisha says:

Bubur mutiara ala caviar
Heheh ….

NekoYokoshima says:

question; why would you use agar agar and not gelatine powder?

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