Frozen Chocolate Wind- Molecular Gastronomy

This cool, frozen aerated chocolate wind, is neat way to add something cool to a plate in a restaurant or at home, providing you have the right equipment. It’s a fairly simple molecular gastronomy type technique that can be a great addition to your gourmet desserts. I’ve used different versions of this recipe in the past and they haven’t worked properly, not for me at least. This method yields way more chocolate wind in way less time than other methods I’ve seen using soy lecithin for example. I love adding elements like this to plates just to give it a little more flavour or interesting texture/ temperature. Thanks to anyone who has subscribed over the past few days. I appreciate it immensely and hope to keep making lots of great chef and culinary related content here on KAC!

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IGottaBasketballJones says:

No amount of raspberries can change the fact that it looks very similar to poop, there, I said it lol. Prob taste good though, I love everything chocolate

fei xie says:

You are a genius chef. I also a chef but making Asian food this video give me a lot new vision! THX

nikhil sathyanaryana says:

This looks really good. What would you serve this with a slice of cake?

SY J says:

Hi! Thank you for amazing video but I’m just wondering that If I substitute water to milk, does it work? I think It would be more rich…! Isn’t it? Have you tried?

rebecca fiona Cornel says:

Hey there… was interesting to see the chocolate wind video…..but I just had a question about the egg whites…..the question was How does the egg whites help in this recipe?…..I saw you put agar before so this agar helps in the gelling phase…..I understood that much…… but what i didn’t really understand was what is the use of using egg whites here? (This is just a question I got when I saw this video and since I am just new to the Gastronomy idea I honestly have tons of doubt on the ingredients used and stuff. And I am someone who asks tons of questions only if I don’t understand something genuinely) ……and by the way the video of the flexible Geanche (sorry if my spelling is wrong…but I am honestly terrible in spellings) was awesome….I loved that idea…….

Anthony Louie Laterza says:

Hi Kristin, if using gelatin sheets, can you please tell me the quantity. Thank you very much

Chef Domenic says:

Loving this technique!!!

spngckinc says:

Love these videos, they’re well shot and explained. Keep making dope shit!

Irene Adler says:

Actually, soy lecithin is there to do the job of the egg — it’s a surfactant and it stabilizes the foam until gelatin freezes. Reduces the interfacial free energy of the bubbles that make up the foam so it makes it possible for there to be a foam once things come out of the siphon. Once gelatin gets colder than about 36C, it forms a gel that keeps the shape of those bubbles. In fact, lecithin is what’s found in the egg yolk that stabilizes the foam. Soy lecithin is just the same thing obtained from soy. My guess is that the amount of lecithin and/or water needs to be adjusted for this to work with soy lecithin.

Dévmon Peti says:

Nice, but raw egg white in to a cold chocolate is not a good idea in my opinion. Any substitute?

Paul Azkoul says:

It looks anemic. Do not put to much chocolate now we might taste it.

Allen S says:

Jesus Christ I am so glad you like one of my Instagram posts. It led me to your Instagram, then Twitter, then here. Puhleze keep making videos. You are a rock star and believe it or not I’m learning a lot from these videos! Thank you thank you thank you!!! You ROCK!!

PratoFundo por Vitor Hugo says:

Hi, Kristin! Judging only with the visual, I guess your lecithin is too granular, I mean, too big. So, it’s more difficult to dissolve and make the foam. When I used to make foam, I had to use a extreme fine lecithin. But even then, the foam made this way isn’t that stable as you notice. Almost something “a la minute”, make, plate and serve as fast you can. 🙂

Dennis Schröder says:

Love ur Channel, u re a great chef and the Videos are made very good and straight. Thanks a lot !

TommyTarkov says:

frozen chocolate clouds sounds better i think.

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