Flexible Ganache: Molecular Gastronomy

In this video I’m making flexible ganache also known as Flexi ganache or pliable ganache. You can use different types of chocolate for this, I’m even thinking about using white chocolate for a recipe at the restaurant soon. Its a gelatine and agar based set ganache that can be cut into different shapes and sizes to suit your needs. The texture is really nice but it’s good to mention to people you’re serving it to that it is like a jelly as the texture is rather interesting and unusual for a chocolate based product. In the video I’ve plated it kind of like a s’more so I just made a quick marshmallow fluff and used some graham crackers and crumb. This is a pretty popular modern or molecular cuisine technique but it’s in fact pretty easy to do with a little bit of know how! So I’d encourage you to try it out!

Note: I learned this recipe while working in my current restaurant but while doing research for this video found that it was originally made popular by Chef Grant Achatz of Alinea. While recipes are meant to be shared and enjoyed by everyone, with ideas such as this that are so unique and original I always want to give credit where credit is due.

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quynh ngo says:

I tried to follow exactly each step but the result came out not that good, maybe because i used the gelatin sheet instead of the powder one?

정멸치 says:

Nicee work! learn much things at this channel!! TYSM

Nerissa Arviana says:

I wanna ask in ur video that u’ve mention “600grams 35% cream”, did u mean 600grams of milk and 35% cream or what??

Joseph Wells says:

Awesome channel ! Great production keep up the good work. I’m sure this will blow up in no time 😀

Salvador Cabrera Navarro says:

Do you know if it’s possible to make it with blackberries instead of chocolate,I mean if change the amout of chocolate for berries pure?

Raptor Cawk says:

How do you eat this thing? With a fork?

Andre Sewell says:

If you don’t mind me asking: why the agar AND gelatin?

Boomer77000 says:

I can see myself using this technique for a black sesame and Gianduja ganache. Yummy! Thank you chef!

Romain DESAVIS says:

Hello hello !
Did you tried to siphon this preparation ? To get a fluffy one.

Carolina Yepez says:

For how long do you refrigerate it?

Gulpy3 says:

Love your channel. Going to try a few of these out, especially the poached egg. I was wondering if you would be doing videos of unique, full dinner plates? I want to make my fiancee a dinner that really knocks her socks off. Keep it up 🙂

Denise Pardini says:

Great channel! Keep it coming. I have a question about the flexible ganache. Mine doesn’t seem to be super flexible. Does it help if it’s at room temp when plating? It flexes yes, but after a minute or so it will crack. I have to admit I used corn syrup instead of gluscose cuz I was out. Do you think that made any difference? Btw, it tastes great I have to say and I love the mouthfeel.

nomadine85 says:

Looks great, I’d love to try it and I already have all the ingredients except gelatine – is there a vegetarian version? Usually agar agar is of course the vegetarian version but I saw your reply elsewhere saying that it wouldn’t be as smooth once in your mouth but more shard like if one only uses agar agar (what amount would it have to be if one only uses agar agar anyway? I’m assuming not simply the same as gelatine…)? Thank you!

Gary Gump says:


la vie Rose says:

Can we do it in individual silicon

KAC Creative says:

Recipe Change! So I’ve had a few people message me about having their flexi ganache coming out too stiff, my best guess is that it has something to do with the gelatine and converting the measurements which can be tricky when changing from powdered gelatine to sheets, especially since there are different grades of sheet gelatine as well. Here’s my recommendation ( and what I do when testing a gelatine based recipe for the first time at the restaurant). For this recipe, let’s cut down the gelling agents to start so start with about 8 g gelatine and 3 g agar. Set a small ramekin in the fridge and before you transfer your ganache out of the pot put a spoon or two into the ramekin (so it’s a thin layer) and put it back into the fridge and wait a few minutes to see how it sets. If it sets up fairly firm, then you’re good to go, if it needs more gelatine, bloom and add a few more grams. Here is a good article I found on gelatine conversion if you are interested: https://www.nigella.com/ask/gelatine-leaves-to-powder-conversion

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