Dr. Lauth´s Lab #4: How to make Alginate Pearls (Boba) – Recipe from Molecular Gastronomy

Boba Pearls (“Guck Pearls”) are gel-shell calcium alginate spheres with liquid filling.

Mix 2 g sodium alginate (E401) with 200 g (low Calcium !) water and leave the mixture to stand for about 1 hour. Add 50 g syrup and drip the mixture into a calcium chloride bath (2.5 g calcium chloride (E509) in 500 g water). Remove the pearls after about 1 min and rinse them with water.

Help of Anika Lauth is gratefully acknowledged (Procurement and attendance of media equipment and software) (SciFox Productions CC-BY-SA)


Goot says:

Sound problem 🙁

beautyreaps says:

Hoe can I stop the gelling process after the pearls have been rinsed? I’ve been reading up on this and wonder if potassium sorbate or a citric acid in the juice could prevent it from gelling further. This method is only good for 10 mins, after then the entire “caviar/bobas” gel up like gummies. Any suggestions for my little dilemma? Thank you 🙂

Anna Rouse says:

I’ve seen other recipes online that add the juice/flavoring to a calcium lactate gluconate and drop it into an alginate bath, whereas you add the flavor to the alginate and drop it into calcium. What’s the difference? (chemically, texturally, flavor?)

Daniel Flores says:

So is this edible? And you just drop the orange just into it?

R&D Lab Roha Thailand says:

What are the ingredients in the colors and fruit flavors?

†Here lies Joey Salads† says:

what the fuck is this guy saying?

Angelina Sill says:

Thanks for the great video. As a chemistry teacher and a popping boba lover, I was dying to know the secret behind these little pearls. I enjoyed your instruction! Thank you for sharing!

LivinglifelikeThuy _ says:

cool so excited to make some

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