Clear Ravioli

Alright you guys asked for another transparent recipe… this time it’s clear ‘ravioli’ used in a loose term of course. But yes you can create clear ravioli that actually disappears using edible film and bit of patience.. as long as the filling is oil based or dry rather than water! See what you think!
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The Restoration of Dr Who says:

See through cake. Or see through chocolate.

Rosa Desiana says:

heat sealer just arrived hahaa lool

patience cottrill says:

As every American has a melt down, because THATS NOT BACON, ITS CIRCULAR LIES.

Truth_is_the _new_hate says:

The pop rocks one looks like a bag of drugs

sid6326 says:

Without bitting does it melt in your mouth

ferociousgumby says:

Yes, we DO notice you glancing at the monitor in every one of these,, and it is HORRIBLY distracting, like someone breaking away eye contact when you’re trying to talk to them. Please stop.

1973Washu says:

Make clear sausages

Candice Leila says:

Transparent calzone

daniel yeroshalmi says:

clear cake

princ3sstofu says:

i whisper “I really want to eat you” to my food as well

Giana Vera says:

I’m Italian your welcome for that Nutella

Hayley Oke says:

Clear sausages

Conor Moran says:

Just said goodbye to those same kitchen tiles, struggled emotionally leaving them behind in the old house. Sigh
Great content. 😀

Oliver Jelinek says:

You shoulda mixed the bacon with ricotta then put it into the raviolis

BaeCat says:

I guess there’s some kind of cultural dissonance here but how is that ravioli?

Raigent says:

i want a man like you… 🙁

Sonika Manakikar says:

You should make a giant version of the popin kitchen sushi


I come for the dad jokes

Alex Brown says:

Soy lecithin is my nemesis.. could you try sunflower lecithin, possibly?

DochertysUnicorns says:

he’s a virgin haha (jokes we really like your videos)

Serena Mc says:

I was never a fan of super crispy bacon either

guitarkid says:

Clear crab rangoon!

Jass Len says:

Clear ramen pls

Wizborg says:

Finally, someone else that likes flash fried bacon!! Do you know how rare we are, and how much people criticise me for it.. XD

blisteringhot tea says:

clear burritos

hermioneameliarose says:

Phospholipids are just structural lipids (fats) with a phosphate head and a lipid tail. They make up membrane walls in our body and work by having a tail that is repelled by water (hydrophobic) and a head that is attracted to water (hydrophillic). Because of this they can act as emulsifiers and help suspend things like water and oil because of its properties 🙂

fwejieoo jiuwdojpiw says:

is that just rice paper?

CG TV says:

Can’t wait till ur in the millions. Amazing!!!

basha G says:

You should do a clear edible quilt! With each pouch filled with something else

Master of Puppets says:

How to make transparent Xanax

Inojin Yamanaka says:

Clear peanut butter jelly please

Louis Blue Meanie !!! says:

Weed ?

king james488 says:

this video inspired me to go make a clear recipe.

I chose water, it turned out great!

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