Carrot Air with Tangerine Granita – Molecular Gastronomy light foam

Get a molecular gastronomy kit to start experimenting at
In this recipe we demonstrate how to make light foams using soy lecithin powder (usually called airs in molecular gastronomy). Get step by step instructions at


Latih Tubi says:


David Kain says:

can I use a carrot puree instead ?

Andrea A. says:

what’s the point of this… who wants vegetable foam in a dish??

janfrompolde says:


melissa ngo says:

Can you buy the soy lecithin at local supermarket?

chrisvarns says:

Thyme is running out!

Boun Chanthavong says:

this awesome, how do you make goat cheese foam?

weiordsis kool says:

Too bad i’m on a diet..

your mum says:

is this a carb

Hal Nau says:

Undeserving of The Blue Danube, if I’m going to be honest.

Tetris_Chemist says:

this is the most poncy fuckin dish

Audun Blystad says:

And what size is the obe in the video

Jeruś Records Inc. says:

can be sunflower lecitin instead of soy?

Bobby Ramalho says:

cant wait for my carrot bath

carol zawediuk says:

what is the nutritional value in this?
Is there any?

32lxx6ika 88 says:

good choice of music. i hope technology advances so i can put my hand through the screen and buy this for a snack.

Abdullah Koçak says:

can i use liquid soy lecithin substituted for powder?

xbqchm says:

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

Minh Tuyen Phan says:

what song is it?

Sultan Omran says:

How do you eat it this I’m sorry but I’m curious.

Luis b says:

what’s the point of adding lecitine to the carrot to make a foam, carrot it’s very rich in lecitine you don’t need to add more

Faithy Clarkey says:

Wait is this edible

Raecat2aid says:

Can you use Gelatin instead of Agar-Agar?

Michael Panin says:

would be fun to make foam levitate using CO2 or something like that:)

Thomas Alrek says:

“That’ll be $300”

Mike Wei says:

can we use orange juice instead?

Catherine Sticco says:

“carrot air” lmfarooororororooororoor

peeyawaj sree says:

look like yummy.
I want to buy glass Where can I ? Do anyone have link ?

Freddy G says:

What wouldn’t you add the soy lecithin to? Acidic foods? Fatty foods? What can be made into these airs?.

Gavin Leinen says:

Song name?

thak thapa says:

how many minutes does that carrot air stands for??

TheTongue says:

that’s just SO inspiring! 🙂

Chad Santa Maria says:

that will be $87.90 please

MattsGotIssues says:


911patagonia says:

Cripes, is that all you get?

Ronald Chieng says:

Is the carrot juice reusable after all the foam has been used up? Or do I have to to put more powder?

fanisa tria says:

Why would i want to eat carrot air?

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