Carbonated Mojito Sphere

The team at minibar by José Andrés in Washington, D.C. put not one, but two spins on a classic mojito cocktail. Using the molecular technique of reverse spherification, they transform the cocktail into a small, smooth sphere that is carbonated using an ISI whip.


Gio H says:

Amé el video, gracias Chef José Andrés

Jackie says:


Astrid Luna says:

espectacular!!! bravísimo!

Steve Jensen says:

Thanks for the tease with no instructions.

Jorge Armando Mancinas Hernandez says:

fantastica la cosina molecular

Adam Berk says:

Was hoping for a practical instructional video. Got food porn.

ikeorch7 says:

This is amazing to me! I have to try this

TheXasapakos says:

What is the name of the track ? Please if anyone knows , i searched with shazam and soundhound still no luck…

pattii patty says:

This is amazing !

Lael Youngblood says:

The production value of this video is intense! Most beautiful food video on the Web? I think so.

TheRichie213 says:

Fucking ridiculous

Whiteheart says:

This is even better than some M&S ads 🙂

ian huaman avila says:

exelente mijo :3

Kfoglarsson says:

How can this only have 1000 views? Amazing video! 😮

Galih Braga says:

my heart feels like breaking when a sphere is broken at the end. it’s awesome ♡

birdsonex says:

Most intense cocktail video on youtube

Octavio JF says:


Himi Hannasi says:


Snan Ananas says:

They look weird and cute at the same time

hugo kilander says:

can i put heroin in it?

Ryakin Barton says:

too much love went into this

Undercover Meme says:

magnificent !

reeve hoo says:

art and science combined

sefa cantürk says:

😀 oha aleyna tilkinin ifşası yayınlanmış bakın

Wolfendesign says:

1:29 How it feels to chew 5 Gum. Stimulate your senses.

Robert J. Holtz says:


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