Black Sesame Microwave Sponge Cake and Miso

Did you know that you can make the fluffiest sponge cake in just 40 seconds in your microwave? Thanks to molecular gastronomy chef Ferran Adria, you can now easily make an incredible sponge cake using your microwave, an iSi Whip and a paper cup. Fast and easy! Get your iSi Whip at

You can get the step by step recipe at

You can make different sponge cakes with this modernist cuisine technique using the iSi Whip. From basic chocolate, to savory versions such as tomato or this famous molecular gastronomy creation from Ferran Adria served at el Bulli which is made from black sesame and garnished with miso paste and sesame salt.


Marc Peters says:

Could I just leave three of eggs unseparated, or do they really need to be put separately

Jeremy Cabrera says:

could this technique work with other cakes or breads?

Quentin Garcia says:

I was wondering how the guys at El bulli did this. Thanks for sharing their work its hard to find their tricks!

Gary Kline says:

dat porn music though

Ymir Kim says:


David Oze says:

Looks like steel wool.

S. Russell says:

Why would anyone eat this black goop when they can have a cupcake instead? Not to mention that the loud and obnoxious sound track is enough to discourage anyone from hanging around long enough to check it out in the first place. It’s painful to be here. Goodbye.

Molecular Gastronomy says:

Here is the video of the black sesame microwave sponge cake. A very easy technique that produces incredible results.

omar fayed says:

who would ever eat this? 

Caleb Stone says:

music SUCKKKKKKS jeez

Julio La Fuente says:

Que alguienme explique ¿por qué hacer un bizcocho en microondas que tarda 4 horas cuando lo puedo hacer en horno convencional en 20 minutos, sin gastar la carga de gas y sin tener un sifón?
¿Sólo por presumir que fue hecho en sifón y cocinado en microondas?

Hal Nau says:

I love these vids but does anyone else find it hilarious that 1) this was advertised as a 40 second microwave cupcake but the prep time alone is at least 4 hours? 2) how they have the tools and professional look about them but yeah just throw it into a party city paper cup, yeah fondle the sponge a little, yeah break it apart w your hands—I laugh to myself

jLuis Chavez says:

el mismo estilo de Ferran Adria, muy bueno la verdad.

Sam Render says:

is the refrigeration step vital or is there a quicker way to do this

dazzerstar says:

it looks impressive but tastes awful

orchid1197 says:

+Molecular Gastronomy do you have make the cake in the microwave or can you put it in the oven?

Pol Geel says:

Why the slits? Care to explain?

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