An Insane Molecular Gastronomy Clam Chowder at Alinea


Must Work Weekends says:

wtf is this? This is where we are in 2018?

Normal Person says:

somebody should have slapped him when he said mo butta mo betta a second fucking time

Zengine says:

these people sound like reddit users

ihateurvid says:

lolll, holy shit the diners are massive, MASSIVE tools. LOLOLOLOL

ve says:

that looks so wild id love to try it

Chris Fizzle says:

The staff is awesome, the customers “D” bags lol

MrAbuskeleke says:

…plot twist!

bdiddy8239 says:

You shouldn’t be wearing Abercrombie post high school.

Jo Mama says:

The customers are annoying as fuck

Chef says:

Wtf. These douchbag assholes should just shut the fuck up.

Qwe Qwe says:

annoying as fuck yuppies, probably never worked a day in their life

hasratashish says:

The diners are loud and asked really annoying questions . Cudos to the servers for being professional throughout

Sean V says:

Rich people (not including artists and inventors) have zero character, this was my personality when I was about 10 lol. Great staff though, Alinea is great.

Wanqus says:

These people like STFU

chris scoggins says:

if this table was sat in earshot of me it’d ruin my meal

Stefan Radev says:

this clients are like super rude and assholes

shit bag says:

If you want to see white people in action this is it. Essence of faggety white people

Occupy Edge says:

Dude I’m so hungry now -.-

sean everett says:

great dish, top-tier restaurant, severely annoying diners.

Zengine says:

The people watching are annoying af

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