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We’re using agar agar, oil, and sports drinks to make beautiful spheres of jelly that look like Orbeez, but are EDIBLE. This science experiment is SO satisfying and easy, and promises to be a good tasty time.

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1 1/2 C. sports drink
6 grams Telephone brand agar-agar

In a saucepan add the sports drink and sprinkle in the agar. Whisk to blend and bring the mixture to a boil. Cool slightly and drip into cold vegetable oil. Using a sieve, strain the spheres from the oil and rise the spheres with warm water. Marvel and eat!

This video is NOT sponsored. Just wanted to make jelly spheres.

“The Wait is Over” and “Better Days Will Come” courtesy of and royalty-free Sprightly from iMovie. If you’re reading this, you know what’s what. Comment: “I ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜balls!”


Miraak Targaryen says:


Anna Wiggins says:

My heart kinda broke when she said “Nope! Don’t like Mountain Dew at all.”

Dream Drawer says:

did anyone notice the jar of honey 10:44?

Kaleb H says:

I like that she hypes herself up for problem solving! I do that too lol

Randa Mcgahee says:


Sherrie A Norman says:

You get so excited!! It’s so cute to watch.

Jimmy Leow says:

Hi Emmy,
Cool … Can I use soft drinks instead, as in can soft drinks be heated?? And do I need to bring the liquid to a boil in order for the agar agar to form? Anyone knows the answers please do let me know asap as I wish to try it out for Valentine’s dessert today!

floopyboo says:

mL is pronounced mil as in millilitre. 🙂

Russ Mateo says:

I came here because of Shokugeki no Soma Bento box episode

By Faith Maraj says:

Is it ok to use the string agar agar because it is the only type available to me?

hipretty says:

OMG they look like those colorful tapioca pearls used in Boba.

lechatboote says:

Agar used in the lab to grow bacteria on lol

Marc Castroo says:

Eat spiders but don’t like Mountain Dew lool

Lina Abidin says:

will cold ice water work instead of oil?

Nekomata says:

edible orbeeze

Beautiful Orchid says:

I loved these drinks as a kid

Ace Lightning says:

I love the Boston Science Museum! Take your kids to the Lightning Show!

assassintwinat8 says:

I almost wonder if you can make these crunchy, like the kohakuto

emmymadeinjapan says:

More Kitchen Science? Meat glue, fizzy fruit, foams? Speak, Lovelies, speak.

Stephen Little says:

How long can you keep the mixture before you put in into the oil ?.

KissMyAspergers says:

Could you use Kool-Aid packets to flavour, or would that change the texture somehow?

Angela Pardue says:

These would Make a beautiful cupcake topper!!!!

Green Wren says:

Watching this I remembered that I have a packet of agaragar that my mother bought ages ago. Looks like I have science project for next weekend.
I checked and it’s actaully the same brand you showed. *evil laugh*

JJ JJ says:

you snorted at 10:55 lol

le ciel says:

You’ve never had Powerade or vitamin water ?? Lol. I hate vitamin water, too. Powerade is my favorite when I’m sick.

jodie kingsley says:

Where do you the powder stuff

Amie Gamble says:

Reminds me of the tapioca pearls. Another fun kitchen science experiment is violet jelly.

Victoria Malone says:

I would love to make Jell-O shot versions of these, like filling a shot glass, I imagine it would be like adult dippin dots almost

MrHolyPickle says:

Two things I like about this video the most: your very honest response to vitamin water… and the sound you made while pouring the yellow mixture into the jar

Lisa Gaddis says:

10:45 lol

emilly Calmon says:

Is it liquid on the inside?

Jared Brown says:

You are my dream woman lol

Mark Banks says:


david jones says:


Potassuim_Cation says:

HFCS is *disgustingly* artificial.

LipsOn Ari says:

Hey that shirt has my last name on it

meremortal says:

You ARE the coolest mom…and the cutest!

Ricebread343 says:

Are you kidding high fructose corn syrup is as artificial as it comes it’s a genetically engineered sweetener that is absolutely horrible for the human body. High fructose corn syrup does 3 three main things in the body first of all it forces the body to hold onto more fat, second when you exercise it makes it harder to burn as much as you should. And lastly it blocks the full receptor in your brain so that you consume more before feeling full. High fructose corn syrup is poison and it’s 30 times sweeter than table sugar.

Flora Lapratt says:

Vitamin water is good mann

Thomas Novak says:

“It tastes like artificial sweetener…”

Maybe because it is?

Pacmankids &mom says:

Going to try with kids

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