World’s GREATEST Chili Recipe – SO EASY!!

Here is a simple recipe for Chili will keep you coming back for more. There is nothing like homemade chili. After this you will be a chili master.

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Aa Glad says:

Looks like shit. Yuck

exilemike says:

You need to drain off the fat after you brown the meat.

Brian Gudio says:

This is Cincinnati Bean Stew; it’s not Chili

Tyler Gordon says:

By the way you add way too many beans

Robert Becerra says:

I have seen in some chili videos that they add a slurry what that is cornstarch and water to thicken it up the reason why this guy didn’t put any is because when he said when you put it in the refrigerator that’s the grease from the hamburger that thickens it up it still looks pretty good to me

Silver Lady says:

I love mine with homemade salsa .

Bryan Ovalasiti says:

Put a can of creamed corn and a little bell pepper

Toastbuster says:


Chris Crichton says:

chillie beans and cornbread ! MMMMMMMMMMMM!

wakeupsheople says:

A little celery seed is a game changer

peter T says:

You got a subscribe , simply because there was no waffle and lots of suggestions in the comments column over and above the silly comments

Von Musklaus says:

Sorry….I mean water

John C. says:

If you like it thick but don’t want to chance burning it to bottom of pan, add 1-2 TB of psyillium husk. It’s a great thickener and adds some soluble fiber to your diet which is healthy. I always add some while baking pies as well (I hate runny pie fillings when you go to slice a pie). Yes, really, psyillium husk, I’m not even kidding! Works for making fruit jam as well, who needs pectin?

pk13910 says:

“World’s Greatest”

Helpful tip: add your spices at the beginning as your onions sweat. The flavors will layer much better.

D Kalish says:

Add can of chopped green chilies

bugsychipr says:

You got all the fat liquid from cooking the hamburger you failed to drain off!

Frank Gutowski says:

Much like the beginning of a pasta meat sauce up until the addition of beans.

vern wallen says:

Good chili but instesd of adding water i would add beef stock for more flavor.Just my 2cts.

Alan Dunstan says:

Where’s the bed of elbow macaroni with the chili resting on top?

Gary Wilkins says:

I never add water to chili, always beer, beef broth or V8.

Bee Williams says:

Along with your can of tomatoes add a can of tomato sauce it will make your chili a lot richer in taste.

ben davidson says:

Nothing ruins Chili like Kidney or Black beans,,,,Pinto Beans is the only way to go

Rita M 913 says:

Crock pot….

TheJR1948 says:

That looks awesome, I am going to try your recipe.

djjoshua007 says:

Looks good !

Ronald Cotton says:

How long should I let it simmer?

BPB9973952 says:

wow I just wasted almost 3 minutes for this

Jas Holden says:

That stuff is not _chili_ . Chili only contains chili peppers, meat and spices.

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