What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Eating Meat

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Ilhan Bayram Yalcin says:

Yes people go vegan and leave some meat for the rest of us

Nawar khan says:

i thought that they were going to say something bad if you don’t eat meat

Shariful says:

What is this bullshit

Omg_IsThatMichelle says:

I’m vegetarian waiting for my fellow vegetarians to start a war in this mf comment section let’s gooooooooo

Geordie gamer says:

vegans and veggies are sick in the head

Jake 209 says:

I fucking hate people

Asha Star says:

Now we know tasty reads the comments

Rock Jesus says:

Posted right after the burger cook off, meh.

michael youngblood says:

Uncontrolled statistics.

Cassie paul says:

I just ate a big pork chop wtf what am i supposed to do now i feel bad

Cuntorious Johnson says:

And then you post a video on 4 ways to make pretzel dogs.

Stephanie Reneé DeRamus says:

My body completely stopped digesting beef and pork and then I started chemotherapy and I couldn’t tolerate diary. 3 years vegan and I’ve never felt better. It’s certainly worth it.

sweetshea1310 says:

Fake news

EvilB says:

You forgot to add – you’re likely to become a self-righteous prick.

marmar jose says:

i eat 4 beef tacos and i am as skinny as a stick so this video is noting to me this used to be my favoraite channel but this is now my last on the list plus look how much thumbs down you have. youtuber are messing up these days.

DocMD dejoy says:

I would go vegetarian / vegan, but meat is really really tasty

Ilarija Cerkasina says:

Meat eaters disliking the video hahaha

rocco3099 says:

This coming from a channel that cooks red meat in every other dish. The hypocrisy. Didn’t want Tasty to remind me of this. Why?

collarmole says:

Watch me enjoy my steak with a side of broccoli.

Reema Gupta says:

I don’t like that they didn’t include the cons of not eating meat

Seattle says:


Cassie Noellee says:


The Yam Industry says:

Why do people keep saying vegans are going to be triggered or salty? Did they even watch the video? It said a plant-based diet reaps health benefits.

Rain song says:

OK…I better get some Popcorn for the comments bout this video.
Oh no! That’s vegetarian too….!

Javier says:

meat is life…

Divyam K says:

Honestly, I am seeing a lot of people complain about vegetarians being more healthy and that balancing a meat diet will have the same health benefits, but NO ONE is talking about the environmental benefits of being vegetarian. Raising livestock takes much, much more water and nutrients than agricultural activities, and the excess waste that livestock shit out is, almost all the time, shoveled away and dumped into rivers and lakes in large quantities. I did some research on this, and farm water runoff from beef farms and pig farms has sooo much phosphorus and nitrogen that the water bodies it runs into almost always ends up with massive HABs and eutrophication!

oh, and don;t get us started on the ethical problems with slaughterhouses. LOL #PETA

also, im not a freak vegan neo nazi. Im just pointing out some ways being vegan/vegetarian can help our planet 🙂

mc2 says:

Nice try. Now make a lasagna or something.

Kylee Wyckoff says:

I could never not eat meat the taste of dead animal carcasses is just to yummy

Jishwa Dun says:

longer life?! I’m gonna keep eating meat then

Juan Ulysses says:

“meat is bad for your health!” -Smokes, drinks, does coke on weekends,

Rick Claark says:

If you want to promote vegetarianism on moral grounds, fine, go ahead. But don’t pretend it’s healthy because it isn’t. You are lying to people.

Ashton Gentzler says:

since I switched to a clean (grass fed, non gmo… ect) diet of mostly animal protein and fats plus fruit and veg (As close to zero grains, carbs and sugar) my blood work has been 100% better than ever. lost weight, lowered my blood pressure and so on. everyone is different. but for me, I’m much better off eating meat.

Jorthan says:

Can you delete this video? Thank god im using adblock for this one

Christian Renteria says:

fuck you and your anti meat ways I’d eat a tiger if it weren’t illegal

MissApple says:

I know vegetarians who are over weight

Kevin Cui says:

Vegetarian diets can cause the death of animals too. According to a 2003 study by Steven Davis at Oregon State University, about six animals per acre, or 52-77% of the animals (such as birds, mice, and rabbits) that live in agricultural crop fields, are killed during harvest. [http://vegetarian.procon.org/]

vi says:

won’t work for me, I’m the most unhealthy vegetarian out there

Gabriel Shahzad says:

Wait, hold on. Slow down please. You’re posting all those glorious meat recipes only to tell us “nuh uh meat are bad”? What the heck!?

LPSLinaTV says:

Why are people getting so triggered over factual evidence?

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