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We played Doctor Frankenstein this week and turned plants into steaks!!! …Vegan steaks, that is! We did it using seitan made from from vital wheat gluten, and the likeness to meat is unmiSTEAKable!

Sorry we don’t have a written recipe for this! We’re currently working on an updated and improved version which will feature in our new book (to be launched in Spring 2018)… So please bear with us until then!

All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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Aracelis Corporan says:

Made this today and it was sooooo good. Thanks guys

Elizabeth Shaw says:

You guys do it differently and I will have to try it. Most people put all of the seasonings into water or stock and then pour that into the gluten flour. You added your seasonings to the gluten flour and then added pretty much plain liquid. Hm-mm. 🙂

Mikuo Hatsune says:

Two hot vegans and food, perfect

Javier Garcia says:

If more people did this it would save humanity.

Chef Jana says:

I love the chickpea idea and hate it wasn’t
 me who brought it up but you too are the best so… kudos, loves! :))

Norman Seagull says:

Any idea how childish you two sound?

wolverine says:

Bro we need to add yeast also

eyeraskins whatever says:

“Take your ten mixing spoons” Hahahahahaha love that xD

Elizabeth Shaw says:

If it boils you get bread.

Collin Lovas says:

Looks delish. Got to give this a try.

Ashe Smith says:

So i mde this today…i defiantly wasnt a fan of the taste. I couldnt even finish half a steak…it was gross. Maybe i need diffrent seasoning. It looks great though. Maybe i just need to get used to it since it was the first time i ever had seitan.

marion gray says:

Can’t wait to try

Gulf Marsh Bayou and Bay says:

vegan meat?!?!?!?!? hahahahahahahahahahahah i’m sorry this is comical. vegans trying to substitute the exact food they are supposed to stay away from.
labels are for lame

Karina Nalbandyan says:

I will try this recipe. Looks delicious

novicetech1 says:

Love the recipes. The volume is really bad though.

Kevin Glover says:

I found that I needed to sort of squeeze out the stock out of the seitan (a bit like I do with tofu) and that it worked best when the slices were fairly thin. If I roll the dough into a cylinder and simmer in a muslin cloth (to keep the shape), might it be easier to cut?

Kanesha Renee says:

Can I use armanth flour? I can not eat gluten

BOI George says:

Has anyone tried crusting these with peppercorns yet?

purplelace9 says:

just made the steaks and i can’t get any taste how can i make them tastier?

Turd Muffin says:

If you are vegan, why would you want to eat something that resembles beef. The thought of eating a dead cow should make you sick, right? Do you understand what be vegan means? It’s not just about what you eat.

babykatd1 says:

Excellent recipe, guys! I have just finished making it and it is really yummy.

Ruby Anne Smith says:

Thanks for the recipe I been vegan 5 years n didn’t know how to make my own vegan steaks time to make a large batch n freeze n put on the grill n pan fry

DFTBEmi says:

Gonna try making a chipotle-style “steak” bowl with this. Thanks for the upload!

moore ae2002 says:

They were a little annoying to watch, like two little toddlers fighting for their parent’s attention. I will have to try this recipe.

Lucy Santiago covers says:

look good mmm

Dave Richards says:

Boil the steaks in beer and you’ll get a fantastic taste! 🙂

Wyett Wood says:

I thought this looked fun, so I decided to try it. It is amazing! I absolutely love the flavor and texture. Whoot, thanks!

Elizabeth Sara says:

Amazing recipe!! My kids love it!!!!

lullabyneanderthal says:

Made this for dinner tonight, it was awesome. My non-vegan brother liked it a lot too.

Kavita Iyer says:


S Blac says:

Trading one poison for another.

Anthony says:

This is just like chemistry.. except you eat your concoction.

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