The Best Restaurant Style Beef Burrito | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

We use a slow cooker to make fall apart shredded beef, then make the best restaurant style burrito.
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I’m Sam, and this is my Youtube channel – welcome to my world of cooking!

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luis ochoa says:

Looks delicious! Just have one small problem! The tortilla was undercooked and that’s a big no-no…..

JCML says:

Loved the videos man. Especially the chicken caesar wrap which I make every week. Would love to see more meal prep friendly ideas on the channel. Thanks for the awesome videos

Yannis H says:

Hi! Would be nice to write the ingrediences in the video’s description. Not being a native speaker, I have some difficulties understanding some – perhaps because of your prononciation. 🙂

Thank you!

Joanne says:

Can you make spicy crispy seasame chicken with the traditional paired white rice but of course … with your added own twist! I’d love to see this traditional dish “samified” HAHA

eric martinelli says:

Should do something with curry

CDP says:

The only thing that`s missing is an ice cold Cerveza.

oltorf520 says:

why didnt you put anything else inside the burrito?

Ryan Denton says:

My soon to be wife and I are gonna make this this weekend and I honestly cannot wait to try it. You’re the best Sam. Love your videos!

James Miller says:

Can you do gyoza? (Pot stickers)

Juan Pablo Bedoya Agudelo says:

Sam, get rid of Max and adopt me please.

Klout 9 says:

Who else be watching this at 3:00 in the morning

George Taylor says:

Sam does food ASMR. Keep scraping that burrito with that knife!

SennaFan says:

What makes this restaurant style?

Jayson Landers says:

Make some Juevos Rancheros my grandfather made them and I loved it
Or yakatori

Brian says:

I don’t like too spicy. I also like some refried beans and prefer a good cheddar cheese.
Any recommendations on the peppers? Maybe substitute a can of green chilis?

jt5747 says:

Make Italian beef sandwiches

My Paris Life says:

Overall, I am a big fan. But today, I must say, the sound on your videos is amazing. I remember seeing a comment on a food network cooking show that said that some if not all of the chopping, sizzling and other cooking sounds were fake and dubbed in later, I have wondered this about your videos. Looking very closely, the sounds always seem to match the action on the video. Great Job. I want that burrito!

Powertampa says:

Mexican Gulasch Buritto lol

Steven Johnson says:

Hey Sam. I just recently subscribed and have been really enjoying your videos. I have got a few of my friends interested as well lol. I did a quick search of your videos and found a chicken stew you did but I was wondering if you could do a video for a good, hearty, beef stew. It’s still snowing where I live and I wanted to make a beef stew for a group of friends for the closing day of a local ski resort. Thank you for your vids and keeping it simple and fun. 🙂

Jason Sledz says:

Wtf is up with the green screen?!?!?!

george dolak says:

looks good./

Web Crawler says:

How come this recipe isn’t on your website?

Zachery Daisa says:

Sam your the coolest !!
I watch every new episode ! Your amazing bro!

gonzalovtorrescano says:


Kev says:

is this guy in Devo?

gail edwards says:

Hey Sam! Hubs and I love your videos! We have been watching you for a long time now. I have to say, I can help you with that store bought enchilada sauce problem! I make the best red enchilada sauce EVER! And I want to teach you how! ❤️❤️❤️

LA L says:

anyone knows what is that meat in mexico?

Miles Fletcher says:

Could you do this in a crockpot/slow cooker? Have it on high for 5 hours

John Green says:

I just discovered your cooking videos and they are amazing and I definitely want to try not not taco. Can you maybe try to make some kind of Carolina bbq sandwich

xox_Brittany_22 says:

The edits have me dying!

drew mack says:

Sometimes its best to not even attempt the hispanic accent

Ryan J says:

Looks Amazing!
Are the measurements of seasoning listed anywhere?

matlock81 says:

Tried this tonight and the family loved it! What pepper would substitute for the shishito? I can’t get them in my part of the country

K1LLST33L says:

you could use that same meat done in the pressure cooker to make a deeeeeeeeeeeelicious lasagne just switch out the beef for spicy italian sausage. nom nom

Jason Mobbs says:

Can’t wait to try this one! This is full on San Diego. Keep on rocking/cooking Sam (Sam the pottymouth as my sons call you)! 🙂

Web Crawler says:

You don’t add water/liquid to the Pcooker?

jrlovo says:

Making this tonight!

Nancho Party says:

Is it possible to cook it in a regular pot? I don’t have a pressure cooker.

up the south Furseyo says:

Love your style of cooking Delicious

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