Slow-Roasted Pork Belly – Gordon Ramsay

Slow-roasting really locks in the flavours, and the end result will be a delicious crispy delight perfect to share with family and friends.

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Amanda Bradford says:

I’ve made this exact recipe a handful of times, and I must say, BEST FUCKING PORK BELLY EVER. Everyone is always super impressed and says it’s the best thing they’ve ever had. Soooo simple and AMAZZZINNGGGG.

Potato:3 says:

Closer please

Toni vallejo cabrera says:

que buena pinta lo haré mañana
. saludos desde Barcelona

Drinkable Bleach says:

I thought pork had it’s own oil. But it would take a long time to make the “oil” come out

Insert lenny face here.

BillaWoh says:


junebug9594 says:


hugemagoo says:

that cracklin looks shit

sir gunster says:


kurorreach says:

I can’t stop but wonder how close to a stick of licorice this tastes…

Magma Grunt Ninja says:

Thanks for the fat removing bread tip, chef! That sure will come in handy when I am cooking my dinner.

FreddieExtreme says:

yo cocino mejor

dante hamidi says:

What happens in the oven stays In the oven.

kier X gamer says:


JiveJudd 666 says:

He really does like going overkill on his salt and oil…

John Bu says:

1k veggies dislike the video

Spookyjboots says:

damn nice castle you got

MP7185 says:

wet dream of all UKs muslims

Maree Marz says:

Not so cheap now everybody on every cooking channel loves to explore it…..Still thumbs up for the crispy cooking method 🙂

asdfrozen says:

You mean turn it 90 degrees, not 180.

Legend of Eon says:

This actually looked disgusting lol

lolsasaurusrex says:

This is why I could never be a vegetarian. Kill me if I have no other option. Lol.

samwise cassidy says:

i always assumed that you needed a pressure cooker to do pork belly right.
its nice to see it done this way, it looks very yummy.

matthew romero-salas says:

can someone tell me what kind of stock he uses

Cain Josiah says:

Show this to the Muslims

Aaron Fish says:

When my mom makes this for a party I legit only eat the crispy part on top


good food

Tonio Traepox says:

Why are you not my dad

MTN 7 says:

I need to be working on a history project I don’t even cook what am I doing here?

Daniel Amador says:

I supose he has a huge deal with the olive oil company

RyanTheRager says:


Tom says:

when he roasts the skin side down does he move the fennel and vegetables over or does he sear the pork right on top of them?

Rhino Gardencare says:

That crackling isn’t even crunchy. You can do better Gordon!

Flexados says:

Gordan Ramsay: “Turn it, 180”
Me: “I thought I had to turn it 360°”

PygmiKiller Do says:

what kind of stock did he use?

NinjaOnANinja says:

Ramsey makes meat sexy. Fucking hell… I wish it wasn’t already dark, I need to go get 50 lbs of meat and get on with it!

Simon says:

How many times I have ejaculated I cannot tell you

Stupidness ??? says:

Life as Gordon: Just making crackers, people shoves cameras up his bum and somehow becomes next gen cooking

Camille Delor says:

This is amazing, every time I see you cooking, I want to go grocery shop and cook myself! Thank you for passing along your passion!

Mizuki Akagi says:

i’ve never even heard of most of what he was using…

Joe Cheong says:

stopped fapping to watch realised I didn’t had to

lolbored801 says:

Chicken stock!

Snowy Potato says:

Gordon’s like my fave chef and celeb

AlexAntonio507 says:

His favorite word: Olive Oil

wise gal says:

I love how Ramsey cooks everything fast with olive oil !and it just comes out perfectly done every time! That’s a true chef.

dragon87631 says:

jezus no wonder his kids are so fat….. eating shit like this with so high fat content

Mrs. EEL says:

That’s how I feed my eel.

Ajaxlancer says:

What can be a viable replacement for the white wine?

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