Salisbury Steak Recipe – How To Make Classic Salisbury Steak and Gravy

The Wolfe Pit shows you How To Make Salisbury Steak. The Ultimate Classic Comfort Food. Simple, easy and delicious recipe!

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Ultimo D says:

You added much more than 1tbs of beef base. That looks to be 2-3 tbs.

Daley Wilk says:

after quitting the pink stuff spam . this looks like a great replacement

REHJR2008 says:

i’d put diced onions and mushrooms in the meat to add to the flavor. the sauce can still be made with chopped onions and mushrooms. add crushed vegetable ritz crackers as a thickener.. thanks for the videos.

Gary Lamb says:

really good, better than the ones I (used) to make. What’s even better is cutting the patties in half the next day for sandwiches.

James Williams says:

Wayyy Kool. Thx a Ton

Frederick Hillman says:

Making this for the kids lunch today wish me well 🙂

Nejura Doespurr says:

The video says food but the music says I’m hacking the cybermatrix with my datajack, chummer.

Cosi says:

“Beef base” what’s that…

DeathAngelHRA says:

I’m making this again for the 2nd night in a row. Incredibly delicious when added to mashed potatoes.Thanks again!

Angel Eyes says:

who else is watching because they are hungry

Michael Cooley says:

I want to try making this for myself and the significant other, can the fat be skimmed off of the top or would keeping it increase the flavor?

ashley cotsman says:

sorry dat looks nasty as shit

nishant ojha says:

You can also use ginger garlic paste for the gravy.

Kendy112 says:

Do you have a substitute for that beef baste stuff ?

Mary Hunt says:

I could barely type because my keyboard is covered in drool, but this looks amazing! I’m adding this to my meal roster. 🙂

dec 1 says:

open a restaurant

deartotheheart says:

I love how manly and country this all is 😀

June JulyAugust says:

I am making this tonight. I’ve never really made Salisbury Steak before. Both my husband and I remember horrible “frozen versions” from childhood, but this truly looks awesome.

Tina Lynn Johnson Brewer says:

YUM. Thanks

Leonard Bosley says:

YES! I Like.

Darlene white says:

love your steak and I made it and it tasted great

kenneth santana says:

I’m trying this recipe out hope it turns out well

Gregory Sotir says:

you start with commercial you can’t ditch, no watch

Condee Rogers says:

You my friend are the best on you tube. I’ve seen ’em all. You rock. Just finished your egg foo young the other day and it was great. Now I grow my own mung bean sprouts. Even better. Today I will try your steaks and onion gravey with mushrooms. Mashed potatoes and corn. This is all because of you. Thanks again.

blackericdenice says:

The 200 people who dislike this video Was molested under a Saulsberry tree

Wesley Wyatt says:

I’m making this tonight!

Jack Webb says:

I love the recipe. Not sure if I did something wrong, but the patties were a bit soft and easily broke apart even after searing them. I think next time I will use all the dry ingredients but not the egg or milk

Sana Kamran says:

What thing u add in onion while frying I didn’t understand?

Jessica Justice says:

This looks great, definitely going to try it! What is corn starch slurry though?

TeamZomb says:

sorry whats the difference between a salisbury steak and a hamburger patty??

Hunnie B says:

Going to make this for sure with a side of creamy mashed potatoes…..thank you 🙂

Freddie Slaughter says:

You could do this in a crock pot too, very good recipe and video

Fulgore Elite says:

wolfe…you forgot to add the grill marks.

Daley Wilk says:

and i wonder why Americans are soo . trying to think of a polite word . buff ? maybe

Mike Wolfe says:

Your a fat boy legend and I’m not just saying that cause my last name is Wolfe and i rock the scales at over 350lbs. Your a true foodie and know what your doing in the kitchen.

John Haver says:

Cummed my pants

Rene Reyes says:

Made this for dinner today, it was so easy to follow and it was beyond delicious. THANKS

Marc Oneill says:

Worcester sauce is pronounced “Wooster” sauce.

Thanks for the vid! Thumbs up!

Thomas R says:

A side comment for anyone doing Keto diet like me or any other low carb thing…for this or meatloaf , substitute breadcrumbs for that dry Kraft Parmesan cheese from the store , acts as a binder , gives a nice flavor and doesn’t add carbs(or very trace amounts to 1g carbs depending on the brand and type used)

Robin Butler says:

Looks awesome.

Aye Gee says:

Very nice, although I would use a little flour, like a tablespoon as the binder for the meat, and about 2 tablespoons of flour to thicken the gravy instead of cornstarch here since it is not a soup base, and gravy is best with flour.

Luke Hinkle says:

In Germany, they would call these frikadellen. So awesome! Little meatloaf treats.

White Master Mariner says:

Pretty well everyone that asks for a thumbs up gets an automatic thumbs down from me – except this guy. He ALWAYS gets a massive thumbs up from me. Great job as always. Thank you for your video.

Colorado Old Man says:

OMG that looks so good…

Mega Madd says:

Very good I made it for dinner. Mild and tasty like good comfort food should be. Thanks for the great recipe

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