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Roast Beef recipes don’t have to be complicated. In fact it doesn’t really get any easier than this. Plus, it has the added bonus of being delicious. Don’t you want your Roast to be Tender and Succulent? Well this simple and easy recipe will hit your taste buds on every level.

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Curiosity says:

It looks truly amazing, I’m going to try and duplicate what I have seen here. I’ll let you know what happens…

GoinHam121 says:

NO water Added to the Slow cooker?

LESBellyofthebeast says:

Hey PMGK, do you wash your meat before seasoning? noticed that you seasoned it while it was still in the grocery store styrofoam pack. Is this safe food handling practice?

Dr. Freeman says:


Britt Sivate says:

Succulent is right! Yummy : p

TruthBuzz says:

cool ima try this thanks dude

Yellow Roses says:

What if you choose to set it on high, how many hours would it need? And would the meat come out the same, or would it get burnt?

OverStacked says:

Can you pan fry the beef first before putting it in a slow cooker? If so, how long should it be in a slow cooker. Thanks!

John Trader says:

you sir are a genius

Mohammed Amar says:


Keith says:

You continue to surprise me. I have never thought of cooking without some liquid. The roast made all the liquid you need, and you get that wonderful bark. I don’t get that in my Dutch oven.

David Savage says:

How did the slow cooker on low blacken the outside of the roast?

Robert J. Holtz says:

This right here is what you call “food porn.” Careful you don’t fog up the glass on your mobile device watching it. You might void the warranty! ;-P

Rolando White says:

OK…… Yesterday was my friends’ birthday and wanted to cook something awesome. Long story short, I tried this idea along with the Stroganoff dish. HUGE WINNER!!!!! Crowd went wild. Thank you. I subscribed and will make this dish again for others.

sroyster7591 says:

for low on the crock pot its 12 hours. How long would it be if i cook it on med or high?

Harold Wachholz says:

Going to try it . I will let you know how it turns out.

Yellow Roses says:

So I can just leave the meat, and go to sleep, right? I don’t have to worry about it at all. No accidents whatsoever! Do you recommend cooking steak in crock-pots? Are they better than cooking them in the oven? How long should they be kept in a crock-pot?

Maureen O'Donnell says:

I will try this and let you know.

Mary Rodger says:

I’ve never used Italian seasoning on roast beef or cooked it in a slow cooker so once again another has been added to my list. I wish we had smellovision. 😉

Alma Castro says:

I made it and ohh my lord it good

Jennifer W says:

Yum, that looked amazing, PoorMan. Thank you for sharing!

Adeline Nicholas says:

Just found your channel! Can’t wait to watch!!!

Dave McBroom says:

Holy smokes! What’d ya do, but a mini crock pot from the 70’s?

MrTimLee84 says:

can you add vegetables like carrots and potatoes?

Stanley Willis says:

Now that’s a Sunday dinner!!!!!!

NaturalVee says:

The ONLY recipe I came across that didn’t call for searing the meat, which I didn’t want to do. Thank you so much! To me searing defeats the whole “easy slow cooker” vibe. Will definitely try.

Dolores Boston says:

Succulent, delicious and beautiful. How else can you describe it?

Christianvalx says:

Good lord! akfslgkksgl;

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