QT| Vietnamese Meat Skewers (Thịt Nướng) Recipe | MUKBANG


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Quang Tran


Master Otaku says:

hello. new to channel and i like your content quite alot

Kevin Huynh Tran says:

Are you a religious guy Quang?

Kevin Chen says:

Keep stacking those subscribers! You deserve it. Watched you when you were only 10k. Love the dedication and passion.

Gary Huynh says:

Hey man, I noticed that I’ve been watching almost every one of your videos for awhile but I wasn’t even a subscriber. I just subscribed. Great channel!

Caitlin Dinah says:

Why are you adding so many ads?? All I’m here for is to watch to cook, not watch Maccas! Please stop. 🙁

NocturnalEyes says:

“Fissss sauce”
“You guys got it. Nice!”

Moo Hset says:

wait who else do you feed

Abraham Oshodi says:

listen to this with your eyes closed

0nyX says:

can you do sate

Linda Lim says:

its the sound he makes when he eats gets me … ^_^

DiscussionCA says:

yo Quang, where’d you learn all of your cooking skills?

Ngọc Nguyễn says:

Cảm ơn a vì đã thường xuyên làm những món Việt Nam ạ :)) Thỉnh thoảng e thấy a nói tiếng Việt rất dễ thương. Hình như a người Huế ạ? :)))

Charles Gillamac says:

What happened to ur dish

Daniel Luu says:

Hey bro, the veggie skewers still looked like they could of been grilled a little more.

Eva Gireadou says:

these remind me of the Greek souvlakia!!great video btw

Mathias Henriksson says:

Im curious about the fish sauce 😀

Duong Nguyen says:

nhìn anh ăn trông mà thêm – fan đến từ Việt Nam <3

Cody Vang says:

You should cook Ka poon dude I swear you’ll like it!

CritsOnSniper says:

do you view bot?

Racquel Atonio says:

As a new sub I am addicted and your smacking reminds me of someone dear to my heart who is longer with us.

onur runo says:

I thougt you was on dieet

cookiex50 says:

for a challenge can u go vegan for a week!.?!

บูมซ่า ตาลีบัน says:

Quang Tran what camera did you use?

Simon Wu says:

When quant was letting the camera focused on the knives shaper, I thought he was gonna to eat it

Soma Yukihira says:


Diane Corriette says:

There is a lot more lip smacking than I remember lol
All looks good though.

Victoria Roth says:

I don’t care if you cook more chicken but how about cooking up something with your baker girlfriend? We like to meet her please.

haylee cervantes says:

Man!! You are a really good cook!!! Just WOW!!!

Iam SuperLane says:

beer please!

Kevin Shiels says:

nice chewing you pig

Pi In The Kitchen says:

I made something like that a few weeks ago when my father started the BBQ season.
I sliced and marinaded chicken breast and put it on skewers. I mixed them with slices of red onion, red and green pepper and zucchini. I mixed it on the skewers to make it more colourful and pretty. 😀

trường nguyễn nhật says:

Hello i’m from vietnam

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