Picadillo – How to Make a Beef Picadillo Recipe

Learn how to make a Picadillo recipe! Visit http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2017/02/picadillo-close-but-no-cigar.html for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this easy Beef Picadillo Recipe!


shelby anton says:

This is nothing like my (cuban) family picadillo recipe. I think my mom almost had a heart attack. Ive seen a lot of comments saying this is “authentic”, I honestly disagree with these comments. Still looks good though I guess.

MegaBreyergirl says:

This is one of our favorite dishes, thank you for sharing your recipe!

Vulcan Raven says:

I dont skip the Olives but i will skip the raisins

Marie Sjin says:

My Titi made that before it was sooooo good

5xtorx13 says:

That voice

bunakkaptan says:

Belive it or not…I used this recipe with TACO And it turned out an ” Explosion of flavor ”
Great recipe use it with spagetti or rice pilav or fill your Pita Bread with this and add some sauteed mushrooms and pickle WOW !


Can you use ground chicken in this recipe? My family won’t eat ground beef or anything made with it sorry to say. Would it taste much different or worth even trying?

Matt Forbes says:

Wont be able to get those stupid current things anywhere I know it :/

Like A Sambu D says:

All good until raisins were even mentioned. Yuck.

Leslie's Blushing says:

I love Picadillo, however I have only ever made and had Mexican picadillo similar except with olives & raisins. Ours has onion, jalapeño, tomatoes and regions add carrots and green beans. But picadillo is comfort food for me I remember my mom making this as a child growing up with a warm flour tortilla

Amaranth Javanico Rony Markum says:

Hello chef! Please try make Indonesian recipes. Not only we’d appreciate that but never underestimate the power of Indonesian watching youtube videos. It’s easy money for you. Yes, you’re welcome

Heather Adams says:

is it wrong to want to just chop the hell out of the raisins first so they can be like more flavor than texture? maybe even raisin paste?

VintageBreakfast says:

hey I almost didn’t ask, but where is the infamous bubble that forms in the pan?

Estefania Abe says:

Actually, in spanish, those “L”s are definitely not silent xD
Awesome recipe, just like my mother in law makes it.

Abbygale420 Guin says:

Soooooooo.?..?..sloppy joe?

MASH 4077 says:

I think I saw a currant sneak inside of a sliced olive.

tommapar88 says:

Raisins with meat = Death

LampShadx says:

Sloppy Hosé

Gina Gallegos says:

No Pimenton?

DominiqueCalique says:

I remember the first time I helped my Cuban boyfriend’s mom make picadillo… Sooo gooooood

Adrian Hernández says:

My recomendation would be using PORK meat and try to do the spanish picadillo version for extra flavour. Add two fried eggs, a good loaf of bread and that’s what paradise is made of.

LadyTressa says:

Question: Why are my tomatoes pink when i freshly grate them….and a can of like crushed tomatoes is red….and i buy the can with no added anything (colors or additives).

James Nelson says:

It’s delicious but I’ll add an egg…..I can’t remember what that’s called…..maybe an Italian twist.

Doublespoons says:

I’ve been wanting to request this for about a week or so and I’m so glad you beat me to the punch. I love it with the raisins and understand the giant mushiness you find unappealing. If you ever want to revisit this, cube up a Potato and throw it in, or throw it in the oven before adding it in to simmer. I believe that’s the Pueto Rican way, but I’m not 100%. My father is Cuban and I’ve had raisins in mine more than any other way but they’re all equally delicious. Cheers.

Bubba Da Skitso says:

It was looking pretty good until the olives. I’m not an olive fan so you lost me at “Add olives”. I may try it otherwise.

Why do they say when you make a big mistake that it’s a real “Picadillo”? Now I have to look that up. 🙂

ancherrera says:

Raisins are a controversial ingredient. Some do and some don’t. Never seen anyone use cinnamon though. It looked right but you are missing a key ingredient….. green peppers. Us cubans use that in almost everything. Love all your recipes (even when you forget the peppers)

d60944 says:

I add a finely-chopped crisp, acidic green dessert apple too

Sam Sung says:

nothing New

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