Oven Baked BBQ Beef Ribs Recipe

It’s super easy to make these tender, juicy, perfectly seasoned oven baked BBQ beef ribs! I seriously dare you to eat just one. These beef ribs are rubbed down with spices , slow cooked for the perfect texture and then brushed with your favorite BBQ sauce!

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Music by Kevin Macleod


mixxed messages says:

Girl where you get those ribs. I can’t buy any like that around here.

Mike Jones says:

When you massage the meat does that make you excited?

Linda Walker says:

Oh my gosh looks like heaven. This week at the ,l local market they have some, ( they say on sale) not sure about this. They are at $4.99 a pound Canadian dollar. Is this way too expensive ? l will stretch my budget to make them. Will let you know the result. Is there an equivalent for the liquid smoke as l just can`t seem to find it anywhere. Thanks for the recipe Dear.

Santucci Pontarelli says:

Sweet Baby Rays is the Best !

Nikki Rockz says:


wyzemann says:

Excellent recipe! You had this vegetarian (22yrs now) fondly remembering the distant past. No, I will not return to that lifestyle, but I sure do love your style and presentation!

Blackstar Dark Twister says:

You blessed it .thanks so much I freaking dominated these ribs

LaKisha Evans says:

Thank you. My baby loves it and he’s definitely a big eater.

Mohamed Bhimji says:

That looks absolutely delicious! I am going to try that this week. Thank you for the recipe!

Janet Dokes says:

My family LOVES this amazing recipe! I won’t use another!!!!

Vision Double says:


Muy Mirw says:


Marie J says:

I made these ribs and they were so tender and juicy. You are the best cook ever!!!!!!

Jason Zen says:

Lucky guy

Bintou Sinera says:

What Where the the mixed spices of

Cynthia Warren says:

I made the beef ribs yesterday, my first time ever making beef ribs. Delicious. I put tgis together by following the video. I can’t wait to try another EASY recipe. I’m checking your page for more recipes. The ribs were absolutely delicious. I will definitely be making this again.

Kelly Ekleberry says:

Looks delish ! Fixing beef back ribs for the husband and kids Sunday lunch tomorrow! Thanks for the easy to follow recipe

jo knows says:

Yeah, but what are the seasoning ingredients

Chameka Cagler says:

I tried this recipe last night, the ribs was very delicious and tender my family loved it thank you for sharing

kakoo ly says:

What spices did u use ?



C moore says:

But it isn’t bbq. If you are too lazy to walk outside and smoke them, they just aren’t bbq.

D-Rock says:

Just took my first few bites, yup its really good! I used a dutch oven, its a porcenalized cast iron pot with a lid at 270 degrees for 3 hours then transferred to the baking sheet with bbq sauce on broil for 5 minutes. Very very good thank you!

Wanted to add I didn’t use liquid smoke because I didn’t have any but next time i’ll try it. As it was, they were the best ribs I have ever made 100%

Rana Souliman says:

her voice is so annoying.

Debbie FBI says:

Great vid

Nicolay Bang says:

Thanks for the sassy recipe!

eksine says:

yo, the way you talk is like one giant run-on sentence

Jeff Reese says:

I’m not a huge fan of ribs but these are delicious!

Justin Hall says:

U sound like ur singing like chef John from food wishes lol

Shamekia Wilcox says:

Monique I followed your recipe and I made some ribs yesterday. The ribs was so tender.

Robert Thompson says:

This is what I need. I have high blood pressure so no bbq ribs for me. I would eat those beef ribs like they were going out of style. Excellent recipe my sista.

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