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Mutton Roganjosh is a delicious recipe of Kashmir and it is a treat to the taste buds. The flavors of spices blend well in Mutton Roganjosh.A delectable delight, roganjosh is best suited for special occasions. With a rich aromatic gravy, roganjosh is well worth the effort.

Mutton 500 g
Black cardamom 4 n
Cinnamon sticks (small) 4 pieces
Green cardamom 6 n
Mace 2 n
Cumin seeds ¼ ts
Saffron pinch
Kashmir Red chilly powder 1 ½ tb
Ginger powder 1/2 tb
Fennel seed powder ¼ tb
Hing pinch
Ghee 2 tb
Turmeric optional ½ tsp

Take a bowl add hing, Kashmir chilly powder, ginger powder, fennel seed powder, water, mix it well.
Take blender in this add cinnamon sticks, green cardamom, mace, cumin seeds, make a coarse powder.
Heat ghee in a pan add black cardamom, add meat pieces, cook it in a slow flame till meat is brown in colour and add mixture of Kashmir chilly, saffron, water, salt, mix this well, put the lid on let it cook for 45 minutes till the meat is tender.

In this add made masala powder, mix it well and let it cook for 30 minutes.

Serve this naan, basmati rice.
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Travis Marx says:

Great recipe, glad you put the actual ingredients in the comments a little hard to understand. Ill probably try half beef/half lamb to cut down on the gaminess. I dont know what kind of pan you were using but it looked like an awful lot of spatter when you were browning in the begining, maybe a bigger pot/less gee? or it mightve been the fat from the lamb.

Gem Sun says:

Your recipes are so good. I admit I make infrequently but am always in love with the end results! Tonight m trying this. I can’t believe you have only a few followers. I hope you get many more subscribers and keep putting these amazing recipes out here for us to follow!!

Steve Wright says:

People, just buy a $100 box of crunchy indian bark and berries from an internet spice shop, and do What Sanjay says. It’ll blow you your shit off, I promise. Serious. Doooo eeeeet! Love your work, Sanjay – keep it up. Much love! edit: I spelt indian rong – so shoot me!

Agnelo Rodrigues says:

If I wanna replace black cardamon …. ? will it taste good nd wat should I replace it with??


When did u add salt?

Mark Bamba says:

can somebody tell me what is the other spice aside from the cumin seeds,cinnamon stick,green and black cardamom and saffron? icant understand what is the other spice.. thank you

Kalyani Pradhan says:

very tasty n delicious

1000fantomas says:

no tomatos ?

Barnali kuri Laxman Debnath says:

nice….. I like it… this racepi

Madhurima Banerjee says:

tried it today 🙂 thanks for the video

sunil Kumar Sinha says:


Sandeepu Atluri says:

sir we don’t need ur reactions

Ida Einjaw says:

The ingredient amounts in this video is different from the website the recipe. Which is more accurate? E.g. a pinch of hing looks like 1 tsp. Ginger powder video says ¾ tbsp but recipe is ½ tbsp.

Satyaswarup Dutta says:

plz share a video of muglai chicken recipe

jagdish kumar says:

bhai 7:00 se 7:09 min or mast hai iske expression

Bablu Sarkar says:

chef…for 2 1/2kg of goat meat how long should be the cooking time?

Rj964 says:

Your slurps were disgusting, please keep mic little away if you can’t help.

Hayat Khanji says:

C to get a better life for a woman.

lucrose G says:

I couldn’t find kashmiri Chilli can I add normal red chilli

hennzz thumnao says:

awesome i like this curry i have tried like the way you teach here thank for sharing and i need more cocking style thank.

RJ Ki Vines says:

Feeling hungry

Kiran Lakade says:

chicken kima masala

VIVI1337 says:

This guy is awesome and enthusiastic, makes all the difference from other cooking videos.

Dnyaneshwar k says:

why people need color if taste is better

Akhil Abrol says:

This is not the authentic Kashmiri Roganjosh.

Vipul Wahi says:

I’m more than frequent to Srinagar & a super fan of Kashmiri food.
This is an absolutely authentic recipe of Rogan Josh. ..brilliant…very impressive.Thanks Chef.
I tried your recipe & it tasted like the one served in Ahdoos 🙂

Those restaurants making rogan josh with onion, tomatoes, yogurt, poppy seeds, cashew paste, oil etc., please watch this video & correct your methodology or at least change the name of the dish in your menu.

Chef, request to you for an authentic Mirchi Quorma recipe, if possible.

aarati baral says:

oh chef i wish u were my dad…i wud enjoy every bite of my food…n during weekends i wud love to eat those foods until i burst out my tummy..u r the best indian chef i have ever seen…way too better recipes than sanjeev kapoor

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