Meat Sambusa Recipe


Hiamanot Zewedu says:

Wow nice!!!

my. mr. green mr. green says:

tomda is wrong sorry and more

aya kadien says:

U said ur name was kathrin and on the fing it says sheba.. Im.confused

njdy305 says:

شكرا كاثرين

Ariel Twite says:

love it! I’m about to make some right now.

Cornholio777 says:

No mistake about it the Sambusa is an authentic Somali recipe.. I’m out raged the person who made this video stole the recipe, and she did n’t give credit to the people who invented it.

MrPickledede says:

Sheba was the queen of the Sabean Empire whose capital was in Ma’arib which is in Yemen she was Yemeni though her kingdom did extend to neighboring Ethiopia

Sheba Yemeni Food says:

thanks for your comment, im glad you liked it. practice makes perfect and there are many ways to fold also so i hope this works for you 🙂

Hagi Mulya S. says:

really wanna say thank you! ive tried this recipe and the taste is really great!

aya kadien says:

U said ur name was kathrin and on the fing it says sheba.. Im.confused

meb says:

Do u have the video on how you make the dough?

Mahmoudissa Issa says:

waw nice

George Washington says:

white lady 

Jonah Saesan says:

I can’t WAIT to make these! I lived in Djibouti for awhile and these were my favorite. Just watching your video made me feel like I could smell them again and it brought me right back. I’m very excited. Thank you! Can I ask (anyone that knows), what would be your guess for what meat they might have used in Djibouti? They called them beef, but I don’t know how common beef is there. Is it more likely that they used lamb or goat? Have a good one!

Kabuto says:

so good!

nikos t says:

where is the recipe for the PASTRY?
it looks very succesful

Francesca Gramegna says:

great! thank you 😀

upendo zachaia says:

what is that paste for gluing?

Soulo Dolo says:

Just a few quick tips. If you fold the pastry twice before putting the meat in, it will create a pocket for you to put the meat in. Also, to get more of an authentic flavor, rather than jalapenos, try to use berbere powder or kashmiri chili powder. Im sure you can find them or make them yourself, considering you have xawaash

Colonel. Muammar Gaddafi says:

I thought Sheba was Ethiopian

MelB313 says:

what is the seasoning

johnathan smith says:

Please do not take this as a criticism (God knows I crave somosas!!), but – since the quality of your video is so good – more time should have been dedicated to explain WHAT goes into the PASTRY, how to produce it YOURSELF, because the local pastry supplied for spring rolls and the like, are too flaky, too thin and demerit the somosa. Please, correct this. Thanks.

peter paul coloma says:

thank you for the recipe i love sambusa i miss eating sambusa

Aosssamah says:

U know something!
U R the sweetest girl ever ♡♡
may allhah bless U
جزاك الله خير

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