Meat Lovers and Hawaiian Pizza

Making your own pizza at home is easy and fun because you can bake and eat it in your underpants, all in the confines of your own home. Plus, no need to tip a delivery guy, so there goes extra money in your own pocket to buy stuff like pants.

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shee muhammed says:

what is that reddish soup you applying on the dough

Chef Mooney says:

great pizza recipe very nice thanks for sharing…:)

Raymond haruben says:

Iooks good

MrGamer 101 says:

Are you candian

Chad Bean says:

perfect looking pizza! I have been looking for a good low rise thinner crust pizza. this will be on my list of things to make. thank you!

sparkie thegamer says:

we have no recipes

1demetrabrown says:

Love the pizza song ;-). Thanks for recipe can’t wait to give this a try.

Alexander Colter says:

Was so confused after the first pizza was done before I saw the second pizza I was like uhhhh did I miss the part that makes it Hawaiian?!

riya jain says:

can you plz tell me how to make a bubbly pizza….like dominos pan pizza…

Comrade says:

so, the meat and mushrooms that i would add to the pizza, do they need to be pre-cooked?

henry vo says:

That song wasnt that funny js

916kelly1 says:

Is it less salty and more flavor if u make it homemade??? Because at the stores I notice the pizzas are really salty.

Andrea Volpini says:

The duogh is handmade? There is the recipe? I’m curios to see if is different by the italian version.

Theresa Nonnemacher says:

Love the series of videos pizza was great thanks

kristinalaspina says:

dang, I bet the ninja turtles would approve of these pizzas

Deion the Don says:

She’s cute but pizza

EatNowCryLater says:

Making your own pizza at home is super easy! Try some of my favorites, today! You won’t be disappointed! #homemadepizza   #pizza   #pizzafromscratch   #meatloverspizza   #hawaiianpizza   #dinner   #dinnerrecipes  

countroshculla says:


Escobar Furious Sr. says:

LMAO @ the description haha!!!

Jester Henderson says:

Is it okay to bake this pizza without the pizza stone?? Your pizza looks so AMAZING! I’M literally drooling

FitAngie says:

Yum hoe ironic I’m making a veggie whole wheat pizza tonight 🙂 looks delicious thank you

Kaulia Cha says:

Can I do this without the pizza stone?

Ghani ladjimi says:

Hello I’m from Algeria
It’s actually a delicious pizza

GrillingNetwork™ says:

Great to see you again 🙂
Muhaaa hahaha 🙂
Going to be doing a pizza soon on my Kamado as well. Great job on your video!!

Hide Kawa says:

It’s just so horrible to watch this video when you’re on a diet

kitaschee says:

your recipe is great, but why are you talking so much shit?

Cold Youtube says:

You are awesome! You have great cooking skills <3 . But how these 30 people can dislike this? They are heartless

augustsunshine7 says:

Thanks for sharing! I always love watching your videos because you’re so entertaining and your commentaries are h-i-larious! 😉

Loula Gregg says:

I a grateful for this series, never having tried pizza making before. Your videos provide clear instructions and wholesome, unselfconscious humor, so I can learn and enjoy it. Thanks!

shee muhammed says:

what is that reddish soup you applying on the dough

Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio says:

Love the series! Great for a beginning pizza baker!

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