Leftover Meat? PASTEL aka Empanada, Brazilian Street Food Recipe!

One of Brazil’s most popular street food. Pastel AKA Meat Pie and Empanadas, but not only meat you can literally make it out of anything. It’s perfect for all your left overs. A hit on every party! Make this for an appetizer on your next party and get ready for amazing compliments to come your way.

* INGREDIENTS * I used for the dough
3 cups of Flour
1 tbs Salt
1 tbs Vegetable oil
1 tbs Vodka or Cachaça if you have!
1 tbs Vinegar
1 cup of Luke Warm Water
To fry I used Canola Oil
* For the filling make it of anything you like. Including your left overs from previous cooks.

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Pedro Oliveira says:

You don’t have to make the dough you can use phyllo dough I think if is

Ali Zombify says:

they looked small when you were prepping but the finish product was incredible pretty huge

Francys Massura says:

Guga, faz coxinha!
Trabalhei com romenos e eles ficaram loucos quando comeram, até fizeram quando voltaram pra Romênia kkkk

Retrete MRMH says:

4:10 Angel’s face when he hears that Guga made empanadas with 1 year in the refrigerator LMAOOOO

Andre Lanza says:

This is a must try!

Civic D16 BR says:

As a Brazilian I suggest for the next video a Coxinha recipe. Don’t forget to add black pepper to the chicken fill.

Andrew Oransky says:

This reminds me of the Pastilillos I used to eat in Pureto Rico.

A. P. says:

Omg mmmm I’m going to make this!!!

Chichocarlopablo says:

This isnt Brasilian food, this is south american food, please dont lie.

ShaynaBrielle says:

Guga. Please tell me what you used to season your beef please and thank you.

Bob Byrd says:

can you use fruit filling to make fried pies for dessert?

drapen & says:

Pastel de carne da Gisele, do calçadão em Uberaba. Com guaraná. O melhor! Obrigado Guga!

Matthew Silva says:

You know you’re in Miami when they use shot glasses instead of measuring cups!

Vince Castro says:

Can this be baked?

Earl Schwartzlander says:

looks great, I like the fact that you can freeze them as well.

Dietmar Nita says:

Reminds me of samosas. Maybe pizza puffs

Devin Peterson says:

make Beef Coxinhas

VJ Sri says:

Looks good to eat. Great videos.

the tominator says:


Tyler Russell says:

Mmmmmmm…..gosto isso. Muito obrigado.

Kokobloko FPV says:

yo Guga!!!its time to do a greek recipe also here dont you think? Greetings from greece

ElGeFe says:

In Venezuela we call the wheat based flour ones Pastelito (Small pastel), we call the pre-cooked corn flour (harina pan) based ones Empanadas. The cuban style turnovers are the pastelitos de hojaldre (puff pastry). I loved them all.

Gary Rivera, Sr says:

I want to get a kitchen aid so badly lol

Matt - says:

This looks like the thing u get at a Chinese place for an appetiser

Hut Cha says:

off camera you guys speak Portuguese to each others? or English

Mladen Vidic says:

My god the perfect crust for an apple pie with cinnamon and three cheeze. Try now, diet comes after.

DrPriiime says:

Not my cup of tea. Need meat.

Trill Chris says:

Who else thought these were some type of pizza rolls

mtmrob says:

Dad’s from Brazil and we make these every New Years Eve. My fave is his shrimp, tomato and palmito filling.

Ewerton henrique freitas says:

Que pastel é esse q vai vodka. Nao e vodka que se faz pastel é agya gelada.

kornsterx2 says:

@Guga is there a way to bake it instead?

Aaron Hart says:

Going to do make your own with the kids!!!! They can pick what they want and I’ll fry up. Thanks

Jazz1one says:


Tony P says:

If I ever have leftover meat, it usually becomes tacos.

Khaled M.Hamed says:

What can i use instead of vodka

Rob C says:

Love my KA pasta roller!

Hamzah Mohd Noor says:

Can i make the dough without the alcohol? Or is there a suitable substitute?

Jessie Ortiz says:

Make a video with your wife

SaracatungaX says:

This made me remember when I went to Florianopolis and eat a Napolitan pastel in the street, such good times 😀

bruno oliveira says:

Na massa do pastel não pode vodka, comida brasileira é com cachaça!!

Cuca Beludo says:

Faz mais trem brasileiro. Enos caralho

Andre Kundis says:

Hey guga! I made pão de quejo and it was a hit for my family, gonna try these out too

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