“Layered Meat” made in the Dutch Oven – German Schichtfleisch Recipe

Today i will show you how to make “Layered Meat” in your dutch oven. Its a very popular dish in Germay and it´s called “Schichtleisch” over here.

This Dish is not only just amazing in taste, it also helps seasoning your brand new dutch oven and prevents it from rusting.

Here are the Ingredients you will need:

1 Pork Neck (5 lbs)
your favourite BBQ Seasoning
1.5 lbs of peeled white onions
20 slices of Bacon (10 for the bottom and 10 for the top)
your favourite BBQ Sauce

Useful Stuff *:
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rxparke says:

Thank you for translating this video! I’ve watched the original several times and my German is quite rusty! Great dish the whole family enjoys, cheers!

Cyril Hudak says:

What . . . no sauerkraut sauce???? Vsetko dobry

Billy Strong says:

Looks great. Thanks for sharing

BensBQ says:

That looks great and delicious Jörn, big thumbs up! 😉

3BricksHigher says:

Looks amazing

The Root Boy Cooks ! says:

That’s a winner Jorn! Copycat here I come! Rock On!

Ted Schofield says:

My arteries are hardening as I watch this vid. For people with High Cholesterol, I am afraid this is way to much animal fat for us. It does look good tho, smell of bacon in general is a great smell. Dutch ovens are great

outdoorsportsman says:

This is awesome. I shared to my Facebook and Twitter pages.

notorious curious says:

Great Job. Looks tasty as usual in your vids . . . . . Looking forward to more great stuff from your Pit, no matter be it english oder deutsch 🙂

Solid Fuel Cooking says:

Sieht gut aus, werde ich auch probieren, danke

Linda Langevin says:

I enjoyed your video. It looks so good!

Dan Becker says:

Yummy ..

Tess Cooks 4u says:

Just subbed. Great channel 🙂

HeathyLifeChannel4U says:

FINALLY! Someone that explains with details! Thanks… you are a good teacher.

Sidney Mathious says:

I loved the way you cooked the meat and have to remember this recipe and make it in my dutch oven and see how delicious it is. The broth is good for another dish when it is frozen in the freezer which I would do. Thanks for sharing this recipe with us and I hope others are as hungry as I am now.

Roger Redmond says:

What if we added thick 1/2 inch sliced potatoes? Too much cooking time for them?

Kathleen Howard says:

wow that looked awesome!! I would have added thick sliced potato too. thanks for sharing

Matthew Nelson says:

does anyone know how available pork neck is at stores, and if i cant find it what can i substitute

Larry Stark says:

A wonderful traditional German dish!
So easy and so tasty!

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