How To Prepare And Cook A Rabbit. Field To Fork. #SRP

Rabbit.From field to plate in 12 hours,the whole process,The shooting,gutting,skinning and then cooking of a wild Rabbit.Rabbit with mustard and cream.Wild seasonal game at its best.Thescottreaproject.Please subscribe to my channel by clicking the link below.
TheScottReaProject.All About The Butchery,Preparation,And Cooking Of,Great British,Meat,Fish And Wild Game.By Scott Rea.Master Buthcher/Fishmonger.Former Butcher Of The Year.Self Taught Cook/Frustrated Chef.Cooking Simple And Delicious Seasonal Dishes Through The Year.Pleased To Meat You..


Ozen Guner says:

Processing is prime, cooking could be better. Rabbits are animals that are in constant motion in their attempt to avoid predators. Their diet include frequent consumption of fiber herbs that are low in calories and high in alkaline. Thus, evolutionarily, rabbit meat is quite muscly, lean, and hence quite acidic. Wild hare meat is much more lean than the farm rabbit meat, simply because fat makes meat more delicious and farmers know it.

It is a good idea to tenderize an otherwise very lean and rigid meat by incorporating simmered wine and simple mother sauce of cream and butter. However, adding large amounts of mustard will increase the acidity of the meat, which obviously had much in it in the beginning.

Some good ideas for cooking rabbit include:

1) simmering in wine and shallots to tenderize meat as the most traditional way, which is pretty much you did except the added acidity part (personally, I don’t add cream since it cuts the original taste, but that is purely optional),

2) braising the rabbit shoulder in a tender thin cream such as a simple almond milk sauce, and serve it with red wine & olive purée,

3) cooking olive-oil poached rabbit sous vide for an extended period of time to further tenderize the meat, served best with vidalia onion soubise, Brussels sprouts, and any kind of wild mushroom vinaigrette to balance out the lost acidity,

4) making a simple rabbit sausage by added fat, which would add some spice and creaminess. This increases the joy of eating an otherwise very lean meat.

Thanks a lot for this video! Very much enjoyed it.

Ben Ruddlesden says:

Excellent video. Thank you.

Gabriel Johannson says:

Love rabbit. Favorite game animal. Fan of your work Scott. Respect from Australia.

Julie Rose says:

So did you cook the milky doe with the rest of the meat?

Laughing Joker says:

Great video. I love how you emphasize “Prime Wild Game Meat”!. It’s important that viewers realize that. I’ll have to try that mustard powder stuff you used. Never seen it at the stores in Alaska.

InterstellarTrevor says:

what exactly is “British double cream? Is that what we would call “heavy cream” in the states? Also, why wait until they have rigor mortis to skin them- why not just skin them right away and then throw the meat into an ice chest to cool it off?

Vault Boy says:

I have a question, any hunter is welcome to answer. When you’re out in the field, any field, doesn’t matter what you’re hunting; during the process of field (forest etc) to Fork; when you first catch the animal does it make you feel accomplished? Obviously you’d feel accomplished, not what I mean, can’t think of a better way to word it.. Like.. In your brain, does it feel like you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing; as an animal on the food chain? I see a lot of people are skittish of killing anything, including animals but I feel like it’s the best way to get the healthiest meats. Never done it personally; would like to try as in a few months I’ll be moving somewhere with wide expansive forests.

Putin n' Kim Jong says:

So absurd these days how you can’t even have an instructional video on wild game preparation without the retarded preppers referring to zombies and apocalypses. Getting tired of these cucks.

Kelly Kinkade says:

Great video and channel, Scott. We are getting meat rabbits and have been looking for a video just like this. Thanks! We are also looking for a “pen to plate” video regarding a goat. I did a YouTube search and nothing came up from your channel. If you have done a video already, please let me know the link. Otherwise, it would be great to see your solution to processing and your experience as a chief applied to preparing a goat dish or two.


You Bustard….

JayKat says:

Over a thousand people disliked this??
The hell is WRONG with them? What, just because he showed everyone how to gut a rabbit? If so, then grow up.

John Massari says:

How does one avoid Riga Mortis setting to your game bounty?

Alpal 7218 says:

that’s mean I’m going to thumbs down every vid

Charles Yarbrough says:

you have a new sub mainly for the educational value but even more so for the hannibal reference haha

Pastor Peewee says:

great video

Denis Fukuda says:

Okay, the bunny is beautiful, It’s cute, It’s innocent… but…It’s so delicious, so tasty…

gkgyver says:

I think what people get offended by in a Video like this is not the fact an animal was hunted, but by the way it’s being handled. It’s true that man has always hunted for food. Indigenous tribes still do it. The difference however is in the respect with which the animal is being treated. Indigenous people are, and always were, very aware and very respectful of nature, realizing you take a life in Order to keep yours, and that nature can take yours in a heartbeat. Modern man lost every bit of that, and treats animals like packs of cigarettes or packages. So that’s why this video, despite showing a natural part of life, is still offensive.

Mackatax says:

Needs fresh chopped parsley as a finish….

GrayNeko says:

I am now very, very hungry……And looking for pet stores……^_~

luke williams says:

Great videos. My mouths watering watching them. Especially the pheasants. What method do you use to sharpen your knives mate? Thanks Luke

stu says:

Hi Scott Iv not done much with rabbit do you put them in the fridge over night

J Howard says:

Nothing wrong with eating wild game. I don’t like wild game myself I’ve tried deer, rabbit, squirrel, bear and snake and I’d say rabbit would be the best

Will Ganness says:

Mustard and Cream – Yuck!!

R Vierra says:

Absolutely outstanding video instruction. Thank you Sir.

John McCauley says:

Your channel is awesome Scott! No better how to videos from cleaning, butchering, to cooking. Bonus is the preparing from an all star chef all in one. The best part is using a variety of meats, from wild game to domestic animals and exotic, from rabbit to deer and so much more. Doesn’t get any better. I’m from Mississippi USA, and I’m a hunter/fisherman/small farmer. I eat basically anything from fish, poultry, frogs, domestic raised animals, birds, wild game, turtles, even raccoons or beavers if necessary or available. You’re a rare person who can process and cook anything to a high level of fancy restaurant caliber. Keep up the excellence as you are appreciated in the Southern USA!!!!

joe mama says:

great video! no superfluous info. right to the point! thank you

My beautiful and amazing mistress says:

It’s irritating to see this behavior from internet users concerning hunting and slaughtering animals, with all the animal loving. We have been hunting animals since forever. it’s completely normal to eat meat from hunted animals. We in this modern society have our basic skills and instincts numbed and crippled, if a fallout eventually happens a lot of people won’t have what it takes to survive, like these animal lovers have this positional while they can go to the market and buy food, many even eat meat without a problem, because they see the meat only and don’t think that it was a living animal beforehand, if these people have to survive in the wild they will change their minds very quickly and won’t hesitate to kill an animal for food. Plus hunting and killing an animal quickly is much more merciful than what livestock farms and slaughter houses do, check it out yourself and you shall see.
We germans have a cultural tradition of sport shooting, and also of hunting with dogs, I love rabbit meat a lot too,

An Idiot with a Controller says:

HEADSHOT. You are a great shot.

Deonna Lovelace says:


Treeweavers says:

Scott: Love your channel. Just shared this video on Facebook.

JayKat says:

You have very fascinating videos, and I find myself watching one after another. Informative and interesting content.


Ale Valenzuela says:

Is it rabit season?

Colin Pendlebury says:

2 tbsp of butter my ass

MithrilChu says:

never believed in lucky rabbit foots, look how it went for the rabbit.

Mark Warren says:

I just started a rabbitry for meat production. The main reason is because I wanted to raise the animals myself and keep them organic while raising them with love and respect in regards to their purpose. I dont think there is any other way to assure this is done to your standards unless you take control of the process from birth to butchering save collecting them from the field as you have done here, Scott. This recipe will definitely be utilized after my first harvest. I know this was posted three years ago but I wanted to say thank you for this and to please keep these informative and respectful videos coming. Best Regards from across the pond.

Greg Butts says:

The Hannibal Lecter slurp was creepy.

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