How To Make Barbacoa – Slow Cooker Beef Cheeks Recipe

Here is the way I like to make Mexican barbacoa at home. I put all of my ingredients in the Crock Pot overnight and wake up to tender fall apart barbacoa. As a kid, I remember waiting in a line out the door at our neighborhood Mexican meat market for fresh corn tortillas, menudo and barbacoa. You can make barbacoa tacos dresses with your favorite salsa, fresh onion, cilantro and a squeeze of lime for the perfect breakfast taco.

2 bls beef cheek meat (stew meat or beef tongue work too)
2 tsp salt (1 1/2 tsp if using fine table salt)
2 to 3 cloves fresh garlic
2 bay leaves
1/2 small onion
5 to 8 drops of liquid smoke (optional)
2 tbls water (optional – to combine with liquid smoke)


Crock Pot
Cook overnight on LOW for 12 hours
OR cook on HIGH for 8 hours

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How to make Homemade Barbacoa Tacos
Mexican Barbacoa in the crock pot
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Slow Cooked Beef Cheeks Recipe
Homemade Barbacoa Tacos Recipe
How to Make Barbacoa in the Slow Cooker
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M 17 says:

Thank You… SOOOO much for this video! You have me so proud of myself lol I made mine w/o the liquid smoke bc I didn’t have any. But it came out so delicious and tender (12 hours slow cooker). Thank you again 🙂

Camilla Nunes says:

Your accent sounds very Americanized, are you actually Hispanic ? Or is it that you learned it here with relatives?

tashigolean22 says:

Thank you so much for this!!!!

Sandra Fernandez says:

Is it safe to use Liquid Smoke in cooking for other daily?

Candy Sleezer says:

I made this today and it was amazing! Better than the carneceria. Thanks for sharing.

okkaaay lisa says:

if I double the meat , how long do I cook it in the crock pot ?! love the look of how it came out , I want to try it for my family and we are a family of 9

WolfTwisted says:

I saw you went to HEB.
You gained my full trust in that moment YEEES. ❤

Amy Evans says:

Wow. My jaw hurt. Look good. I hope that I can find those cheek meat here. I will try it sometime.

Arnette Johnson says:

From Houston And Love Your Recipes.

joe segovia says:

Remember we had to order the barbacoa without the eyes?

frank izaguirre says:

I can’t wait to try this recipe!!! Awesome video… And my dad is from Matamoros, so as soon as you said that, I knew this is the recipe I want to try.

Cruz Esquivel says:


MarcelaE says:

Thanks for this recipe! I made it exactly as you did, it came out delicious. My very first barbacoa well done!!


Thank you for this recipe. You made it simple and looks deliscious!!! Im gonna try to make it this weekend.

Matthew Pugh says:

Nice. I’ll do this

Farmer John says:

A couple of days ago I was HEB shopping and my eyes were drawn to their selection of beef cheeks. I remember thinking I should give them a try but had only seen the classic hole-in-the-ground cow’s head cooking technique. So it seems your barbacoa kung-fu has crossed time and space to connect me up with this video. Thanks 🙂

Juan Arambula says:

Where do you buy your cheek meat? The one they sell here is all fat?

juangam98 says:

Omg im from Houston and i always go to gerardos to get some barbacoa i will try your recepie asap

Bryne Dolor says:

What else kind of meat can you use. Can I use a chuck roast

Yadira Jones says:

Thanks. Look so easy. I will try this recipe tomorrow ( well tonight) start cooking. I’m originally from Monterrey, MX and every Sunday is barbacoa when i grow up.

R Lewis says:

Looks great I’m going to try it

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