Homemade Meatloaf Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 552

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philaufan6 says:

Would marry yes…total wife material…sorry thinking out loud.

Bryan Aaron says:

I need to find out where this woman lives, move in next door, and convince her I am her long lost uncle so she’ll cook for me every day.

James Barrett says:

that looks like at least 3 lbs ground beef

Pammie143 says:

Spatular is that Italian? So i made this and it came a giant mush of meat, tasty albeit *shrugs*

Angela Ester Bulnes Nolasco says:

Everything is ok delicious but most videos i see en English Spanish, Italian Polish, butter me is they talk to much get to the pint ..a d put the recipe on video…

David Cobb says:

Amen !!!!

Ethan Obott says:

Does it have to be flat leaf parsley?

K Halli says:

I like using croutons

Tommy Graddy says:

That’s a damn good looking meatloaf

xlank04 says:

Omg I wanna make this for dinner xD!!!

Solitaire401 says:

three hundred and fifty degrees for 5O min. Then twenty min with glaze.

Joey Kelly 01 says:

I love meatloaf

rreyna1808 says:

Yes thank you don’t explain how much on the ingredients. But still willing to try a new recipe

Josh Conway says:

marry me…………

zelia saens says:

Thank You greenkeke453

Doug Groves says:

This meatloaf and glaze is hands down the best I have EVER had! It’s super moist and the flavor is on point and that glaze is in a category of it own!!!! So good!

David Medina says:

Is ketchup the traditional way to cover the meatloaf???…I could had swore it was some red sauce?..like thick red sauce…..

Brianna Mamahua says:

I made this for dinner and it was delicious!

Starbase 31 says:

Laura must have the metabolism of a racehorse. How she can eat so much and keep a lovely figure is beyond me.

Emrul Kayes Toto says:

so good. I loved how you cooking.Thank you very much.

Sniffthisblossom says:

High key i made this and it was the best meatloaf ever

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