Homemade Meat Sauce Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 449

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Joe Young says:

this sauce is delish!!!! thanks for posting.

Mango says:

lol the eggs at the end …what?

mi phi says:

Has anyone made this with the beef stock? I’m not old enough to buy alcohol, lol.

Clovis de Cruz says:

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Melody Torres says:

Can I use Italian sausage instead of ground beef?

Ellen Ripley says:

Greetings dear Laura. Thank you for pointing out the importance of cooking time for sauces like this. And as a tip, which I have tried myself, if the tomatoes are a bit down on sweetness replace sugar with the fruit of your choice. Shred it, chop it, grate it or whatever one prefers and that will act as the sweetening agent. It works. Also works when you wanna caramelize onions or whatever.

Erica Pimentel says:

I wonder if I could freeze this?

Jack Burton says:

Cooking it that long isn’t necessary. However, time = flavors marry. Just like when you cook something, put the leftovers in the fridge, and it has an even better flavor the next day.

bri bells says:

I love this sauce as a base sauce for my pizza. Simply delicious. However I do add garlic

BigALBBQ says:

I made this Sunday and followed all directions except I added garlic.  It did make a difference cooking it longer, I was surprised.  I put in fridge and slowly warmed it up Monday for a group of about 20 HS girls(basketball team).  It was a real hit.  I was surprised!(girls can be picky 😉 )   They ate nearly the whole batch, took recipe X 2.5.    Many thanks Laura!  My go to sauce now.  Even works great for taco salad, just add some taco seasoning.


You gotta love that Jersey Guinea Brat Attitude “we don’t put garlic in our. Meat sauce “ Awesome I love her.


what about non-alcoholic wine

BigMTBrain says:

ANYONE: Is it legal to substitute the ground beef with ground pork? I did before, and it still turned out great. Honestly, I couldn’t tell whether the meat was beef or pork while eating.

sinditta says:

My Fiance has Chrons disease and he had to stop eating spaghetti and food with red sauce because it hurt him. Once we figured out that onions and garlic were huge culprits we removed them from this recipe and tried it. HE LOVED IT SO MUCH!! I make this almost every day of the week because he is so happy he can eat spaghetti again. Thank you so much for this recipe! I’m binge watching your other videos to see if we can find something else for him to eat for lunch at work!

Yesenia Huerta says:

Wait ur mom let you eat it even tough it has wine

u235u235u235 says:

i like how she’s not fat anymore. her face looks MUCH better.

Yamie Andre says:

P.S. Yes, cook it for 3 hours, major yummyness!

itsonlymyopinion ok says:

why why wHY canned tomatoes?? I’m sure you’re Nona didn’t use canned preserved crap! grr.. come on where’s the actual homemade tomato sauce??? I’m out!

MrMike3865 says:

This is my go to sauce, I have made it several times and people always compliment me on good it tastes. Cooking with wine brings me to my Italian ancestry. This is just a flavorful good easy to make sauce…Thanks Laura!

Shadia Nargis says:

What can I use instead of wine

AL LEE says:

Love you recipes and I especially love making this with you nona’s gnocchi recipe!!! The first few times I made it the bf kept drinking all f my red wine and it was still very good! When I finally made it with red wine it rated even more amazing! It gives it a deeper more well rounded flavor as if it made the onions, tomatoes and meat become one! I never make it without red wine anymore!

OSSO BUCO75 says:

there’s no reason to cook a basic meat sauce for 3 hours.

Mitchell Mammel says:

Meatballs can’t compare to meat sauce.

Rhea Bhardwaj says:

Can you use ground chicken or pork instead?

Mrs. Lisa says:

Yes yes and yes! The secret ingredient is Time! I followed this recipe, used beef broth instead of wine, and let it simmer for 3 hours and ten minutes and it was the most delicious meat sauce I have ever made! You are not only gorgeous but insanely good at what you do! Thank you.

videosfunny101 says:

She’s so finne

cassandra syra says:

can you put the sauce in a slow cooker for the 3 1/2 hours

tracy Gemini1974 says:

Love u laura..
U represent italians
Awesome cook

nrrork says:

I always do that same thing with cans when the recipe calls for any kind of liquid. I like to rinse them out anyway, makes it less icky if I can’t take the trash out right away.

vlad dracul says:

No garlic!!!!!! Heathen!!!!!!

rkmugen says:

I’d like to add…:

>Wine: There are wines that you can use for this recipe that actually come in little bottles and in multi-packs (I usually see 4-bottle cartons at my supermarket… merlot, zinfandel, cabernet sauvignon, etc). It’s perfect because if you end up not using a lot of wine, the other full, unopened bottles can be stored for use much, much later.

>Flavor boosting technique: I found that I could get even MORE flavor if I caramelized HALF of the total onions (until they’re roughly the color of brown-sugar) first, and then add the beef and the rest of the onions (cooking them until the beef has browned). Once the beef has browned, I’d add 1 or 2 ladles of the tomato sauce and thoroughly coat the ground beef in it. I’d stir until there is some significant fond/caramelized bits on the bottom of the pot. I would then push the meat off to the sides of the pot and THEN pour in the wine to de-glaze the pot, scraping and stirring with a flat-edged wooden spatula (preferably a bamboo one…. for strength, so it won’t snap or break as I’m scraping). Once the pot is de-glazed, I add in the rest of the tomato sauce.

>Dutch oven, in the oven – when the sauce needs some lovin’, low and slow…. IS the ONLY way to go.

Amber Pirrami says:

making this tonight

Mehak Qureshi says:

I am jn the process of making this for my lasagna tomorrow. it’s almost been 3 1/2 hours for the sauce to be cooking low and slow. I couldn’t find tomato puree so I got crushed tomatoes. hopefully it works same. puree seems to be more light and crushed is a bit textured.

Giuseppe Di Manto says:

Is this supposed to be ragù napoletano?

Lynne Albert says:

OMG. This is the best sauce I have ever made. And it is so easy. With the red wine it is absolutely amazing. I have used many of your recipes in the past. But this is by far the best I have made. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Isaiah Pisani says:

italians often don’t add garlic to something that already has a bunch of onion

Nader Al Qurafi says:

الله أكبر الله أكبر الله أكبر

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