Grilled Flap Meat – Asian-Style Meat Salad with Grilled Flap Steak

Learn how to make Grilled Flap Meat! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Asian-Style Meat Salad with Grilled Flap Steak recipe!


dumbodonus says:

The Way He Talks…
ABunchOfReally Fast Woorrrdddddds, ThenAFewSlowOnes In The Ennnnndddd. 

bataviawillem1 says:

I am flabbergasted.

Thomas Garino says:

Can Chef John PLEASE make an audio version of a cookbook. I would listen to that 24/7 haha

SuckMy Love says:

Dude I like your voice 🙂

aceTL87 says:

i kind of deviated from your recipe. i marinaded it with red curry paste instead of green and red wine vinegar instead of rice wine vinegar. (it’s all i had). hope it tastes good when i grill it tomorrow 😀

SMD 014 says:

Can you stop talking in a sing songy manner; it is SO ANNOYING. Other than that, thanks for video.

BigSmoke Thrash says:

hey I’ve been wanting to prepare a meal similar to this but I can’t seem do find dog meat anywhere, can anyone help me?

MrDICKHEAD28 says:

this is Taco meat 
sadly most taco places use cheaper cuts of meat now a days
Flap meat super expensive now 

Edgar Rodriguez says:


Elton Menezes says:

Lol why do you talk so fast? You sound like a retard 😀

Potatobanana says:

คอหมูย่าง ahh my favourite 😀

BadulTheGuru says:

Munches ? do you smoke weed ?

judith weathers says:

I think this could have used a little brown or palm sugar? Just a bit. To balance. And some cucumbers. Yes. 

Sorensen Peter says:

Unfortunately first three words for a video title…

ryan I says:

just curious. why does he use cayenne pepper on EVERYTHING. im not a cook or have any decent knowledge of cooking professionally but im just wondering because he puts it on everything.

Holly Narufry says:

chef johns sweaty flap salad

Mr. X says:

the way you speak is a gift to the world

CorruptioN says:

I tried to resist being a nerd, but I can’t help it…

Those coals were red hot, not white hot…

Naif Alhumood says:

Is this possible to cook on a stove top? Perhaps a cast-iron griddle with those nifty grill-like ridges? #apartmentlife

SlaterQ94 says:

Why does he talk like that?!

Ant 88 says:

Great for tacos ot tortas

Sally F says:

One of the most irritating people to listen to I’ve ever heard. 1:58 was way more than I needed.

Bridgida Flores says:


Yui Chan says:

Asian powarrr

Ian Paterson says:

There’s something genuinely wrong with your sense of heat. I’ve yet to see a video where you DON’T use cayenne. #concernedviewer

colette nguyen says:

Chef John..
You need to mix the cooked beef w toasted rice powder …

Tree And a Duck says:

dont play with you meat thing, ohh how i agree with you chef john

Albert Brabham says:

don’t listen to SMD, I find you as entertaining as you are informative.
a rarity as I’ve been cooking for over 20years.

Rokkopg24 says:

I hate the way you talk

Paul Castro says:

mmmmm i could make a great carne asada burrito out of that….

Alex Apetrei says:

totally have the munchies 😀 … chef John is a legend

Vit Thorn says:

Classic Thai dish but only better,  you are one great chef!!

Insane Person says:

I actually thought that an “Asian-style” salad would have only the meat in it. I was kinda disappointed 😛

Star562 says:

It looks a lot like carne ranchera which is a cut of meat Mexicans use to grill with a.k.a. Carne asada

Nick Seaman says:

mmmm… sweaty flap meat

judy antonini says:

Wow it’s delicious!!!!! Thanks.

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