Gordon Ramsay’s Top 5 Steak Recipes

How to cook the perfect steak in 5 unique ways. Absolutely delicious.

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Roger Smith says:

there anything he makes/suggests that ISN’T “perfect”? If everything’s perfect, what’s imperfect?

bourlivak88 says:

I thought porn is not allowed on youtube.

TN NQ says:


Nick Popesco says:

Gordon took sandwich game to a new high level

Omer Akgul says:

Why dont you just zoom in the fucking molecules.

Revanza Pradana says:

when i see that dislike button i can only think of vegans

happycyborg says:


Denis Brasteanu says:

could you please zoom in s little more? I cant quite see the atoms on the food

Rae Zyon says:

So many sexual innuendos in one video.

istgjimin says:

Watching him cook is a work of art.

rory7889 says:

1:53 fucking delicious

TrustGone says:

I can’t eat any kind of rear meat, I’ll get sick ;l I can only eat fully cooked meat ;P

Deleted Videos From Youtube says:


Rsggo 54 says:

3:17 harambe

Mark Alexander says:

I am dying..

Mohammad Khobrani says:

Its a dream to taste one of your beef dishes..
One of your fans from saudia arabia

rogantu says:


barca cule says:

Camara men: shit I forgot to do my research about what type of molecules are in the food Ramsay cooks, let me just snipe some proteins in the streak.

Aquaman Sucks says:

Cameraman?? This ain’t Black Ops baby

CHEESE iZi says:

esa mierda esta cruda xD

CallOfZombies says:

Gordan Came Up With Salt Bea

Mazie Mazie says:

zoom on closer i cant see the electrons

stephen cochico says:

when he say “fucking Delicious”…..its normal

Débora Barth says:

This editing made me nauseated

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