Easy No Cook Meat Free Taco Recipe Fresh from the Garden

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares with you how you can make easy meat-free tacos fresh from the garden.

In this episode, John and Lauren will show you how to use fresh garden vegetables to make a meatless taco that uses walnuts instead of meat. It also combines many other whole plant-based foods to make one nutritious, delicious and healthy building version of tacos that are normally enjoyed.

First, John will share with you harvesting fresh lettuce and cilantro in his garden.

Next, you will learn about all the delicious plant ingredients uses to create this 100% plant-based uncooked vegan lettuce taco recipe.

You will see discover how a handful of spices, seasonings, nuts can be transformed into a delicious meat-alternative.

You will then learn how it is easy to blend more plant ingredients including macadamia nuts to make an alternative to cream that tastes even better.

Finally, you will learn how to assemble these simple tacos using many delicious vegetables and fresh lettuce from the garden as a gluten-free shell to hold all the fixings.

You will also learn about John’s new plant-based recipe book and how you get over 150 delicious no-cook healthy plant-based recipes to improve your health.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
02:16 Harvesting Lettuce
03:25 Harvesting Cilantro
04:14 Recipe Starts
05:22 All Ingredients and Amounts being used
07:54 Reasons for Some of the Ingredients
08:32 Making Walnut “meat”
09:56 Making Plant Based Sour “Cream”
13:10 Assembling the meat-free tacos
15:02 My Recipe Ebook is Now Available
16:15 Lauren’s comments about Recipe Book
17:37 Why is the ebook $25?
19:45 Membership Option for $2.99 a month
21:45 How to get two additional ebooks on Juicing and Smoothies

After watching this episode, you will learn how to create delicious vegan tacos using fresh ingredients out of the garden and other whole plant foods that taste delicious and are nutritious.

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Daniela Pettus says:

Love your passion for what you do you inspired me to be healthier and grow my own garden thanks

Semper-In-Angaria says:

I was about to start watching your videos, you lost me at Leaf taco. No corn Tortilla, No Taco.

Emily BH says:

I can’t imagine a taco without salsa and guacamole. I would have included some pieces of avocado at minimum. Otherwise, the “meat substitute” and “cream” sauce looks good.

Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens says:

Learn more about and purchase My Raw Recipe Book containing over 120+ Raw Vegan Recipes + My tips on healthy living + Bonus ebook with 30+ recipes at

Dr. Carp says:

That lettuce bed is awesome!!

john bob says:

Looks horrible but healthy

matanuska high says:

Hey. You’re eating my foods food.

Joe Dady says:

Here for the gal. Lol

Bill Hoegemann says:

Glad to see you two are back together!

elchapetas says:

As a mexican, calling this recipe a taco is beyond wrong

SeaWolf Lestat says:

Really good to see Lauren. I was starting to miss her.

The garage Greenhouse says:

I John love your Channel as always to watch you introduce all this nutrition don’t know if you know yet that they had hemp seeds which I was told one of the most protein and nutritious packs seeds on the planet are now available at Walmart hope that could help in any way since you helped me in so many thanks and have a wonderful day

Abbey Galloway says:


Dan Posani says:

True that!

peter simon says:

What is wrong with Lauren? She seemed sad.

Emilio Torres says:

Cool idea, but calling them tacos is kinda dumb.
Come up with your own creative name.
Cool video tho.

Gw Fo says:

Lauren seems like a really genuine and sweet person. I think you guys make a really cute couple.

Omni Chrono-Dex says:

Lauren is as high as a kite.

jr hdz says:

Glad he supports adding meat and not ONLY plant based.

elmonte5lim says:

This video was preceded by an advertisement for Roundup. Seems rather perverse.

MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living says:

I am totally digging the Bluthe’s frozen banana t-shirt. Arrested development is the best.

J says:

They both look tan, more so than the normal Nevada glow. She looks very healthy, maybe the vitamin D did the relationship well. Or this is a older video that is a new release.
Either way John should definitely be sticking with Lauren!


How awesome! Subscribed! We LOVE garden tacos!

Peter Cusack says:

Initially i didnt think I’d like this but it looks quite nice. The 10min long hard sell with “steak knife” like options was a bit hard to listen to. The sell overtook the demonstration, which is what i wanted to watch

Chris Hansen says:

mother’s day discount?

People Call Me A Asshole says:

no cook meat free taco recipe. That rhymes so well

Mikel D says:

That is not a taco……nope

Farm Alarm says:

Those Tacos look amazing. Cant wait to try them from our garden. Thanks John and Lauren!

Julie Brendmoen-Crow says:

Lauren ♡ Love when you’re in the videos 🙂

Dege on Tap says:

The Gardein brand of meatless ground meat is excellent. You can even buy it at Walmart. Gardein fish too, but that one is not sold at Walmart. in FL, you can buy the Gardein fish at Publix or even Winn-Dixie.

Drew Too says:

This is up there with the “Growing your greens dream surpreme”

NickNasty says:

John you need to make some XXL T-shirt’s too! Believe it or not you have some larger fans who would like to support you too.

Jonathan Kosyjana says:

Ive been making jackfruit tacos!

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